Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apartment Inspections

President Albright, Elders Anderson and Gronning-Ashburn Zone, Sterling Park area

Nice and Clean!
Well another week has come and gone in what feels like seconds here in Sterling haha. We passed our apartment inspections this past week with flying colors for the most part. Somehow my bathroom managed to get labeled as spotless by both President and Sister Albright haha. We spent a ton of time cleaning that place though! I scrubbed 2 magic erasers in half trying to get all the black marks off our walls and still couldn't get them all haha. Unfortunately we didn't really have any awesome miracle stories happen this past week, but it was still good. I got to experience going to a new area for an exchange for the first time on Friday and Elder Anderson got to stay here and lead Sterling (I told him he would do great but he was still scared stiff haha). I went to the Goose Creek area though with Elder Wloka (pronounced Vloaka) from Germany, which was really cool. He's a great missionary and it turns out he reported for his mission the exact same day as me haha. He just got stuck waiting for his travel visa for a while so he served his first 6 weeks in the Austria mission before going to the MTC. We had a good time haha. Man it felt great to be back in a car area for a bit though! Having a car makes carrying around supplies so much easier haha. It sure has been a busy P-day for us though. We had a couple of appointments come up in the middle of the day that we had to run to. Which was a bummer because I was really hoping to get some good letter writing in today. That's also why this
email is so late haha we had tried to come and email about four oclock so we could leave for our appointment at 5 but the library was packed! So we just went off to work then and moved an hour of P-day time to 8 tonight for emailing haha. But all is well here in Sterling, unfortunately all of our investigators are super flaky so we didn't have a ton of progress. But the work still works forward and we will keep doing everything we can so the Lord can do the rest! I hope all is well with everyone back home!


  1. That apartment is a little cleaner than when we saw it, but the missionary still looks the same. The best..