Monday, March 19, 2012

March 5th email

Man what an interesting past week it's been. It feels like it was just a couple days ago that I was meeting my trainer for the first time and now my new companion is experiencing the same thing haha. His name is Elder Anderson and he's from Brigham City, UT. So far he seems like a really great guy, but man he is very shy haha. I can tell he's going to be a great missionary once he gets in the groove of things though.
This Thursday we got back from transfers early enough for us to drop off his bags change out of suits and immediately head out to knock on some doors before our 6:30 appointment. I told him I'd take the first three doors that answered so that he could get a feel for it but then we'd start alternating after that so he could get in the hang of it but I'd step in if he needed it haha. And well the first couple of times he froze up a bit, which is totally understandable, but after that he did totally fine. He still hates knocking on doors though haha he trys to get me to do them every time but he will get used to it as we go. Him and I really get along well though, we both joke around with each other all the time while we are out and about haha so it should really be a great transfer. Man our 6:30 appointment Thursday night was crazy though. It was with a husband and wife who the wife is an inactive member and the husband is not a member at all and only speaks Cambodian haha. The wife can speak English pretty well though but they are both from Cambodia originally. So they made us some Cambodian stuff for dinner and man it was pretty rough haha. She made this Cambodian soup with pork knuckles in it I think, so there was quite a bit of bones in it but you were just supposed to eat the bones along with it because they had been boiled long enough that they were kind of a soggy/crunchy texture. The best way I can really describe it would be kind of like a small jawbreaker coated in gummy bear like material type texture, it was super weird haha. So that was a pretty gnarly first dinner for the new guy but he survived haha. Friday night though we found three new people to teach though! 2 from knocking and 1 from a referral from the temple visitors center. So that was really cool, I believe that got him a little more excited to go tracting haha. So far training's been really good though. This week we are studying the first lesson, the Restoration, during companionship study and according to the 12 week training program this week he is to take the lead in teaching it to somebody, which he is super nervous about haha. But I'm sure he'll do great haha, he just is still very timid and shy about talking to people for now haha. It's been alot of fun though, it feels like I was experiencing all of this for myself just a few days ago haha. I'll have to let you guys know how things go the rest of this upcoming week!

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