Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick email to Mom

Hey Mom sorry for the lack of an email this past P-day! Like I said things were kind of hectic with us being lost with the zone leaders and stuff haha. But luckily they were nice enough to let us email today instead :) Man that's sweet that you guys will be heading into the new office soon! You'll have to send me some pictures of it when you guys get moved in.
So Lauren and her mom were asking about my family this past weekend after the baptism (I told them that you were a convert as well) and I got to just talk and talk about you Dad and Shell to them. I got to tell them about work and how awesome you guys do and Shellie with her new job haha, the whole deal. And by the end of it they both told me "Man, I can really tell that you love both of your parents a lot." and of course my response to that was "Heck yea I do! They're awesome!" haha. They said both of you guys sound like kick-butt parents too with all the work you and Dad do every day and yet you still manage to keep the cleanest house I've ever seen haha :)
So just a cool little story I thought I'd share with ya! Just letting you know I love and miss you guys lots!

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