Monday, February 6, 2012

Invitation to be baptized accepted!

Well for the most part we didn't have a ton of success this past week but we did have one pretty awesome thing happen. This girl we are teaching named Lauren (one of our 2 current people we're teaching haha) accepted the invite to be baptized! That will be happening on February 25th and man we are excited! She has been meeting with the missionaries for a couple of months now and she's really come a long way. She is surprisingly proactive with everything we teach her haha. At first she was just more of friends with the missionaries and she didn't really take much of what they said to heart. But as we've been teaching her recently we've been leaving her with commitments to pray about whatever we teach her and she told us on Friday right before we asked her to baptised that there hasn't been one thing that we have taught her that she hasn't prayed about and believes! Which is super sweet because we've pretty much taught her everything that is in the standard lessons now haha. So that's pretty dang exciting. But besides that this week we've just been knocking on doors like crazy! We've had quite a bit of potential people to teach come from it so far though so I don't think it will be too long before we see the fruit of our labors. I am super pumped to see Granny and Pa this week though! We had zone conference this past Friday morning so I had a chance to sit
down with President Albright and talk to him one on one about it and I asked him if, since we would be seeing them on a Thursday, we would be able to move our P-day to then so we could spend the day with them and try heading up to DC? And he said that that was a great idea and we could do it for sure! Man that's going to be awesome! So he told us to hang on to an hour for emailing today and then start our P-day at 11 oclock Thursday with Granny and Pa. So cool! So it's been a pretty exciting past couple of days and I think we are set up for a great week ahead of us. Today we are planning on stopping by all of the potential people who's doors we knocked on last week so that should give us some really good appointments for the rest of the week too. Oh man and I almost forgot to mention we went up to the Temple Visitor's Center (TVC) on Saturday with this family from the ward and Lauren and man it was sweet. We called ahead so the TVC Sister Missionaries could set up a little tour, lesson, and movie for us while we were there and it turned out really good. I got a really good picture in front of the Temple too that I'll be sending back soon. So overall things are picking up here in Sterling Park. The work continues to move on forward and hopefully we can find some new people to teach this upcoming week! I hope all is well out in Vegas, Utah, Idaho, Georgia, and Russia/Utah! I'll let you guys know how this next week goes and I'll be sure to take tons of pictures with Pa and Granny this week!

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  1. SO excited for his visit with Granny and Pa. I'm sure it will be wonderful for all of them. Love it!