Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lauren's Baptism!

Sorry for the delayed email, we had a super busy p-day with our zone leaders and they got lost on the way back to the apartment so that took out our email hour and they gave us permission to take it sometime later in the week once we got some time haha. Man that was great to see the pictures of our newest edition to the family Kendyl! I wish I could be there to see her but I suppose I'll still be able to see her just before she turns two though right? haha. That's so good to hear everything went well and both her and Sonya are doing well.
That was great to hear the same news with Josh and McKinna's new baby as well! And I hear Soda is going to state too! What an exciting week it sounds like it's been back home.
Man it has been a fantastic past week here too though. Lauren's baptism went great! The talks all went well and tons of people from the ward showed up, plus we got the font all filled in time (I guess the last couple baptisms in the ward the missionaries didn't start filling the font early enough and didn't get it very full haha). Man the water was cold though! We had run the cold and hot water both all the way on for about 45 minutes and then switched to just straight hot for the last hour and 15 minutes thinking that would be good enough but that only made the top 6 inches warm and the rest ice cold haha. So that was quite a surprise stepping down into it haha but man was getting to do the actual baptising was so sweet! You could just feel how incredibly happy Lauren was to be being baptised, it was an awesome experience. Also her Mom showed up, which was a great surprise to everyone because originally her Mom was really opposed to her being baptised (she's Jewish so the idea of her daughter joining the Church of Jesus Christ was kind of different) but she came and we talked to her afterwards and she was very glad that she decided to be there and really enjoyed the whole thing.
It's transfer week! Which also includes the exciting news that I will be staying here in Sterling and my companion will be leaving (that last parts kind of a bummer). The exciting part about that though... is that I'll be training a brand new missionary!!! We got a call from the Assistants to the Pres Monday night letting us know that I'll be bringing a brand new Elder out into the field this Thursday and training him here in Sterling Park! So cool! So I'll definitely have to let you guys know how everything goes this next week. That's what kept me from emailing yesterday too haha we had a trainers meeting that took almost all day and then once we got back to the apartment we were busy with appointments the rest of the night (which really is a pretty nice problem to have haha). So man what a past week it has been. Lot's of exciting things going on both here and home by the sounds of it. I'll update you guys this next week Monday to let you guys know how things go with the new guy! Hope all is well and things continue to go great for everyone!

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