Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 2 in Sterling Park

Well this past week went pretty well, not super eventful by any means though. We had a hard time having many lessons because out of our three current investigators one has been in Florida all week, one is moving out of our area, and then the third one we got to meet with twice haha. So we did a lot of just knocking on doors. We found some old note cards from early 2010 labeled "Mofecting" which originally I was like what the heck? But we've deciphered it to mean "more effective tracting" with the help of some other missionaries haha. So what it was was almost every street in our area and the results they had when knocking on the doors on each street, and it was labeled into 4 basic categories: NI (not interested), CB (Come back again), blank (not home), and SP (Spanish). So with it being from almost two years ago it wasn't super useful but we did mark down everybody that was interested enough that they wanted the missionaries to come back. So we did a lot of stopping by them this week as well and we found 1 new lady to teach out of it! So that was pretty nice haha. But as we continue to just get out there and work we will see some more success hopefully. We have been blessed with some much more fortunate weather this week though, hardly any rain and no more freezing rain! So that was definitely good. I got a call from president Albright telling me about making sure to keep our evenings open on Thursday and Friday of next week for when Granny and Pa come into town though! That will be awesome! So hopefully we will have some great stories from this upcoming week that I can include in my email next Monday haha. It's also very exciting to hear about Mitch and Sonya's baby coming the end of next month! I'm sure Granny and Pa will be glad that they will be back in time to be there for it haha. I hope all is well with everyone and know that I miss all of you guys!

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  1. Pa and granny are excited to see him too. One more week!!!