Monday, January 23, 2012

Sterling Park VA

Well here I am at the Library in Sterling Park VA! It's quite a change from being in McLean haha. It's one of the smallest areas in the mission so we're on bike and it is also the poorest area of the mission (McLean was one of the top 3 wealthiest haha). So it's a pretty big change haha. But so far it's been great! It's weird coming into an area where they've already got people being taught and progressing though haha, but the people we are meeting with seem to be moving along great! My new companion is Elder Johnson from Sugarland, Texas. He's a really great guy and so far we seem to get along really well. He goes home next transfer though so he is a little bit "trunky" (mission slang for ready to be done and get home haha) but not as much as most missionaries that far along in their mission. He just is really tired of knocking on doors haha. That's something I think we will be doing quite a bit this transfer though because there are only 3 people who are currently being taught here haha. We mostly walk everywhere so I've been putting those gloves to good use haha, It's to slick for the bikes because we got our first snow this week in a long time haha. Also, a complete first for me, I experienced "Freezing Rain" this week, which I guess happens alot here but what it is is like a border between hail and rain to where it comes down as liquid but as soon at it hits the ground or anything it instantly freezes haha. It makes everything very very slick. The freezing rain and the snow both happened in one day though, so that was pretty crazy. It started out in the morning with about 2 inches of snow, just enough to cover everything, then changed to the freezing rain which made a layer of ice over all of the snow and anything that the snow had already melted off of haha. It really gave a lot of peoples cars some major troubles. I found out that my shoes from the missionary mall are great for walking on ice though, the traction on them is amazing haha. I'll be sending home my SD card today with pictures of everything so you
guys can see the new apartment and all the snow and my new companion and everything. Our apartment was a total dump by the way, but it has two bathrooms so we don't have to wait for showers in the morning so thats nice haha. But man my bathroom hadn't been cleaned for quite a long time and man it was foul! It was worse that even any public bathroom I'd used before! I didn't know that was even possible haha
but I got it cleaned up a ton now. It's still not too clean though haha but I'mm working on it. I'll throw in a picture of that too haha. Well I hope all is well back west, in Russia, and down in the south!

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