Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dang I am being transferred!

Sorry for the lack of emails last week.We got caught up in some really heavy snow and couldn't make it down to the library. Man I found out last night that I'm being transferred though, Elder Hanson is going to be training a new missionary so that means that I'm off to somewhere new. It should be good though, but I feel like I just barely got comfortable here haha. The Lord has need of me somewhere else and needs the new missionary here though for one reason or another so it'll all work out haha. No more snow since this past Monday though, but man it's cold! Humid cold is a lot different from our dry cold out west too, it sort of leaves a chill in your bones that takes awhile of being warm to get out haha. But I've been staying pretty nice and warm so it's all good. We had a very successful week this past week. We had a personal record of three investigators with us at sacrament meeting on Sunday and we found four new people to teach in 2 days! Plus all of the people we have been teaching pretty consistently have really starting progressing well and keeping commitments so that's sweet too. It's really a bummer that I have to leave it at such an awesome time. The new missionary will really be coming into a great area though. But man it's crazy to think that technically I'm not a greeny anymore though! My 2 transfers of training is up and I'm considered just a regular old missionary now haha. Hopefully I don't end up like my trainer though with how his companions have gone. He goes home this next transfer and throughout his entire mission he has only ever stayed with a companion for more than one transfer twice! That's really crazy haha. So far I'm looking like I could head the same direction though, 2 transfers and 2 companions haha. It's crazy to think that there's only 16 transfers total in my two years and I'm already finished with 2 of them! Time flies as long as we stay busy it seems haha. But for this upcoming week if anyone sends out any letters or anything just make sure to send them out to the mission home so they don't get stuck at the McLean 2nd apartment haha. I'd love to hear from you guys!

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