Monday, January 23, 2012

From an email to Mom

Haha yea I'm not a huge fan of moving, I think that's just you haha. But Sterling seems like it's a great place so far, and hopefully I'll be heading back to McLean for a couple of baptisms pretty soon too. The Campell family (the ones who had missionaries coming for like 7 years but not teaching) were really sad to see me go though :( they gave me a hat from Boston (where they are from) and gave me all their numbers and their address. They said I was their favorite missionary who had ever come over, even more than the ones they still keep in contact with! I had no idea I had made such an impact on them, but man they are an awesome family. I told them that I'd come back and visit them with my family after my mission and they said they would absolutely love to meet you guys. They took a picture of me and Elder Hanson signing their sons ceiling and put it up on their facebook I think haha. I guess they have all their friends sign the ceiling but we were the first two missionaries to make it up there. The gospel is really going to help them out so much and it has already. They came to church again with us (2nd time in the past 7 years) and I left them with the commitment to just read the Book of Mormon, and they promised me they would, so hopefully that will really impact them. But man I'm already almost out of time! :( I'll update you more next week! I miss and love you guys!

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  1. Love that boy! No surprise families get attached to him. He's perfect. I'm so excited for you guys to travel to DC together one day and visit all these people.