Sorry for the late email! We went mini-golfing this past p-day with a recent convert to the ward here named Lacey and it ended up being farther than we thought haha so we got back right as P-day ended at 6 and didn't get to email :( but we got permission to do some quick emailing today so we can atleast get an email to President in with our numbers for the week. Man tomorrow is transfers though! It's even more crazy too because 3 out of the 4 of us are being transferred! Which includes, myself, Elder Kessler, and Elder Frazier.Elder Dickson is the only one who will be staying in the area! Craziness! I think they are closing down Elder Kessler and I's area, since we are in Ft. Belvoir C, it's pretty normal for it to close down and open up from time to time. The area is really transient so there are sometimes a lot of people to teach so we need a lot of Elders and sometimes there's not so much people to teach that just one companionship can cover it. So it's slowed down enough in both areas now that I bet they could combine it pretty easily. Elder Kessler and I are hoping we will go open up a new area somewhere else instead though! But odds are that won't happen haha. It's crazy that I only got to stay one transfer here. I feel like I  just barely got finished unpacking and I have to start packing again! Crazy! We had a really sweet experience on this past P-day though. We were at Marshalls looking at ties before we went mini-golfing and this guy from Sudan came up and just started talking to us, asking who we were and things like that. Well we told him about how we are missionaries and we are from the Mormon church or the Latter-Day Saints. He then told us that he just feels and sees in everyone that he's ever met that is Mormon that they have something special that he wants. He said that whenever he sees members of our church they just seem to glow. He said "I don't know if you guys can see it but me and everybody else don't glow like you guys do. I'll see someone just walking in a store dressed normal and see them have that glow around them and ask them what church they go to and they always tell they are Mormons!" he had a very thick sudaneese accent too so it sounded even cooler when he said it in person. We told him about how the glow he sees in us is the special sort of happiness we all share as members of the church because of the peace and happiness we have from knowing why we are here, where we came from, and where we are going and that is the message we have been sent to share as missionaries he responded "That is a message that I want." It was such an amazing experience. We asked him if we could come over and teach him more but he was leaving the next day to go to sudan for 2 months then he is coming back. I got his address and phone number for while he is there in Sudan and left him with our number, he said he would love for the missionaries in Sudan to come over though so hopefully we have missionaries there! For the most part the people living there are Muslim though and very hardcore Muslim so usually they aren't to fond of branches of Christianity so I'm not sure if we will :( Well I should probably get going though. Man I'm going to miss this area! I hope everybody is having a great week back home though! I love and miss all of you guys!