Dear Friends and Family,

Well it was a pretty rough week for lessons here unfortunately :/ For whatever reason like nobody was home at all! And the ones that were home were too sick to let us in so they just told us to come back this upcoming week instead. Lame! But it was still a good week spent working hard haha. We also had our first interviews with President Riggs this past week on tueesday too and man that was cool! He is such a great guy! We got to spend some good time just chatting one on one and getting to know eachother better. He of course asked me the classic question of "so what kind of career do you want to pursue after your mission?" Which for anyone who has ever asked me that question you know it never stays the same haha but I told him I was kinda thinking about 3 different options that I still wasn't too sure about: Being a Pilot, a Doctor of some sort, or working with Federal Law Enforcement FBI/CIA stuff. His immediate reaction was "What a waste!" haha. So of course I laughed and asked him what he meant by that and he said "Well I just can't see a guy like you wasting your God-given talent to talk to people on something like flying a plane or fixing someones health problems, I could maybe see you working for the Government but c'mon Elder Gronning you can do better than that!" haha. So from that we talked for about 15 minutes on how he thinks I should just go be a lawyer like he was haha. That should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of guy President Riggs is though, he loves to joke around and have a good time but he's all about hard work at the same time. The whole interview was a really spiritually uplifting experience. Also, speaking of interviews, yesterday I got to give my first baptismal interview to somebody! As district leader they have you go give the interviews for people who are being taught by the missionaries in your district. So this was the first one that I had gotten the chance to give and man it was great! It was for a guy named Roberto who is being baptized in the singles ward this upcoming saturday and boy does he have a strong testimony. Elder Holfeltz (he's the tall guy I was standing next to in that picture where we are in front of the tiger) and Heiner have been teaching him for only 3 weeks now. He's just here temporarily for work in the summer and actually leaves to go back home next weekend, but he loves the Gospel so much and already has such a great testimony of it that he wants to be baptized a member before he goes! How cool is that? Well that's about all I have time for this week unfortunatelly. We have to cut our email time to just a half hour today because we got invited to a dinner at 5:30 that we've got to get running to. I hope everyone has had a great week wherever you are though! I love and miss each of you guys!