Monday, July 30, 2012

Email to Mom

Hi Mom,
Man Siri is pretty sweet haha she does a pretty good job of putting the emails together for you, she messes up on a few words from time to time and the punctuation is super confusing sometimes haha but besides that it's awesome!  The weather here has been pretty miserable though, I hate humidity! So as long as people let us inside into the air conditioning it's fine haha but when we're out walking around I just sweat and sweat and sweat haha. My camelback has been very nice for keeping me hydrated though.
Man that'll be sweet having another lake powell trip this year though! I can't wait to go to one when I come home :) I'll have to take some pictures of our apartment so you can see how nice it is and then send you my SD card this week, it's been quite awhile now that I think about it haha. I only have 1 card still though since my last one broke in the mail :/ but one is good enough for the time being.
I did get some good looking short sleeve white shirts from Granny and Pa but they're too big :/ I'm stll the same size even with the extra 30 pounds haha. She sent me 16's but she included the receipt from JC Penny so we just have to make a trip up to one one of these P-days and then I'll be able to switch them for some smaller ones.
The time here seems to be flying by though but at the same time it feels like I've been here while, but I suppose that's true now that's it's almost 10 months that I've been out. Man it's so weird! I'm one of the older missionaries at most things now! Most of our mission consists of people who have been out less than a year so for the most part I've been out longer than a lot of the other missionaries haha. It's really strange. Well I hope you're having a good day at work! I love and miss you lots Mom!

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