Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 2 already from Ft Belvoir 7/9/12

This is weird having this be only a few days after my last email haha. The past few days have gone really well though. We got to go to a baptism on Saturday for a lady our roommates have been teaching for awhile now, we had been over with them once to teach too and man they area a super cool family! She asked Elder Kessler and I to both speak at her baptism too so that was way cool. This morning was almost an earlier than normal wake up though but unfortunately our plans didn't work out. Myself and one of our roommates (Elder Dickson) had planned to wake up this morning about 5 and head down to the section of the Potomac River that isn't far from our apartment here and do some fishing! We had borrowed some poles and lures from a few members and were going to stop and pick up some worms at the 7/11 on the way and just bring our scriptures with us and take our morning studies down on the river bank. But we found out last night that they are really strict about fishing licences here, I guess they check people really frequently along the Potomac and it's a $200 fine and overnight in jail according to one of the local members here who is big into fishing. So we thought we'd just buy fishing licences instead, well for out of state people it turns out a 1 year license is $47 and a 5 day license is $28... A lot of money on a missionaries budget haha so since neither of us had $200 just in case and a day to waste in jail, we decided not to go :( So that was our little P-day adventure haha. The work sure is going great here though. This area has more people to find and teach than any I've been too so far. From what I hear though both of my previous areas were very very slow areas haha. So it's been nice actually getting to teach lots of lessons here. We have been doing quite a bit of tracting every day and finding some good success from it. We actually found a new person to teach 2 days in a row just from knocking on doors this past week! For tracting that is a very rare occasion haha. Oh and since my last email we have had the opportunity to meet our new mission president, President Riggs. He is awesome! He is really young surprisingly too, I think he said he's only like 46? He seems very laid back too and loves basketball. We played a few rounds with his 18 year old son Randall this past Wednesday morning for our workout at 6 and President Riggs said he's going to try and make it to the next game! How cool of a mission president is that? haha. He seems like he should be a great guy for sure. We'll see what kind of changes to the mission rules come our way soon from him too, that should be interesting haha. Well I hope everyone wherever you are has a great week! I'll talk to you guys soon!

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