Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Week in Ft Belvoir C

It's been another great week here in Ft. Belvoir C! Things are really starting to move along well. Two of our the people we are teaching have now set a date for their baptism (August 11) and one more is almost there too! The two that have set a date are a Mother and her 9 year old daughter who we have been teaching for good amount of time now, but the Mom's boyfriend really seems like he would like to be baptised as well he just is always so busy so we never get a chance to talk to him, but he loves everything we teach! We have had a good amount of success just by talking to people we meet about the gospel too though. We have been going to the gym in our apartment every morning to work out and sometimes when we get home at night as well and there are usually a bunch of foreign guys there that we talk to. I guess the big thing here in VA is for people from other countries to move over here to work as life guards for the summer to make a little extra money and experience life in America. So we've been talking to them quite a bit about the Gospel and a few of them should be coming with us to church on Sunday! We've met 1 from Jamaica, 1 from Turkey, 2 from Slovakia, and 2 from Ukraine. They are all really cool guys, the only problem is that they "vurk on Sunday at 10 of clock to 8" every Sunday haha. They were all pumped about the idea of singles ward though where they can go meet a bunch of American girls who are looking for someone to marry (the base foundation of any singles ward I believe haha). So it sounds like we might have a pretty good chance of getting them to go to that. The weeks just seem to go by faster and faster though. It feels like this past week just barely started! A very big highlight to my week though was a large surprise birthday card from this office on Saturday! Thank you so much to all of the people who signed the giant card! Especially thanks to my parents for putting it all together for me! That was a miracle of timing for sure. I was having such a rough day feeling home sick and such. Overall just was really frustrated and then good old Kessle Corn (Elder Kessler) was like "Dude Gronning you've got like a huge package sitting outside on the patio!" and all of a sudden my day was fixed haha just like that. So thank all of you guys so much! I hope everyone has a great week wherever you are! Next Monday when you hear from me I will probably be lots more mature and a bunch taller because I won't be a teenager anymore haha.

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