Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Mom

Congratulations on the iPhone! That's so exciting!! I'm pretty jealous haha. That's awesome you guys made it to the Albrights homecoming! They are both great speakers. We are really going to miss them here though. Wasn't that picture of the Temple awesome though?! I wanted to take a picture of it but everybody kept crowding around it so I never got the chance. The new Mission President is a great guy. That's good to hear that Ben made it back to Vegas and especially a sacrament meeting haha and very cool that Skyler is going to the MTC soon! Ben has emailed me a few times so we've been able to talk occasionally and he does seem like he's grown up a little bit just in how he talks too. Thank you so much again for the package though! I am waiting to open the presents on Thursday so it'll be a special day of sorts haha. It's crazy to think I'll be 20! That'll be awesome though because when people ask me if I'm like 14 I can respond that I'm actually 20 and that sounds lots older than 19 haha. My actual address here is: 5811 Woodlawn Gable Dr, Apt K, Alexandria VA, 22309. That would be awesome to get some fresh sweets and such! I was going to ask is it possible that you could look for me a Mogless brand tie or two? That's the kind that Granny and Pa brought me from Russia and they are so cool! I think they are only sold in Russia though so you might not be able to find any and that's okay :) I haven't gotten any dear Elders since I've been here though. Maybe somethings up with the Dear Elder Website? or maybe something with the Mission office? Who knows. Congratulations on selling the house though! That's awesome! Well I better get going. I love and miss you lots Mom! Thank you so much for being the best Mom ever! I'll talk to you next week!

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