It has been an awesome past week here in Ft Belvoir! We have been blessed with quite a bit of success and I had an excellent birthday. Thank you to everyone who went out of your way to send me a card or package for my birthday! That really made it an awesome day. I was super pumped to get a package of homemade cake balls this past Wednesday too. Homemade and overnighted on Fed-Ex from my family. That was so sweet! Luckily I'm blessed with the best family in the world haha. That and what seems like it's got to be over $100 worth of beef jerky too haha. I have been such a happy camper with all my newfound food. I didn't wake up much taller or more mature like I was hoping though haha but I did weigh myself and I've officially put on 30 lbs on my mission so far! Woop woop! Which most people haven't believed so far when I tell them because they say I'm still just a stick haha but I feel like I'm almost what an average skinny person should be now. For my birthday this past week though I opened up my presents in the morning and then we went on to a normal day of proselyting haha. We did some service for a guy in the ward in the morning and then for lunch I was planning on taking us to the place called "The Green Olive" which is a seafood buffet but as we were going to leave the guy decided to take us out to lunch on him for helping him out. So he took us to his favorite resturaunt, The Green Olive haha. So we ended up getting to go for free! I was hoping they would have crab legs since it's a seafood buffet and all but I guess that must just be a Vegas thing because I can't find them on any buffet out here! It was a good buffet all around though. After that we went back to proselyting until we went to our wards bible study that they have every thursday, which it turns out Special K (Elder Kessler) spilt the beans that it was my birthday so they surprised me with a cake and a card, it was way sweet! I also got a call from President Riggs in the morning with him and his family singing me happy birthday haha so cool! So overall it was such an awesome day! As for the success we've been having this week, it's been tons of it, but it's not even success in our area for the most part haha. Our district now has a total of 12 people with a solid baptism date, with all but 2 being for August, in between the four companionships. That's a ton haha. In total 6 of those just happened this past week as well, so it's been way sweet! We contributed our little bit with one in our area. She is a lady named Jenny who we met awhile back knocking on doors. We watched "The Restoration" DVD with her and afterwards asked what she thought and she just straight up answered "oh I definately believe that it's true" haha how sweet is that? So she accepted the invitation to be Baptised on August 18th and she wants to be Baptized with her Fiance as well who we haven't met yet. She also has a son named David who seems like he might want to as well. They are such a cool family, I really hope we can continue to help bring the happiness the Gospel brings into their lives. Also we had a pretty fun experience this past Saturday. We can't really proselyte on the army base here so whatever bit of contact we can get with the people who live there is great because it's most of our area. So we got a call one night from a ward member who is retired from the Army who let us know he was signing us up for a 3 on 3 basketball tournament haha. So we went to that on Saturday and Elder Dickson and Frazier (our roomates) and Elder Kessler got to play some army guys in a few games of basketball. I was totally down for not playing though haha I've tried and triend to learn to like basketball on my mission but man the more I play it the less I like it haha. Anyways we ended up not doing very good and got eliminated about right off the bat haha. But we all wore shirts that had something to do with the church so everyone recognized us as "The Mormons" and referred to us as that throughout the tournament haha. So we at least got to let the people on base know who we were. Afterwards they had a 3 point shoot out though and Elder Dickson won that so he got a pretty sweet trophy and stuff haha so overall that was really cool. Well that's about it for the week. I hope everyone has had a great week wherever you are! Thanks again so much to everybody who helped make my birthday a great one this year!