Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Great Week in Ft Belvior!

Well it has been another sweet week here in Ft. Belvoir! We were blessed to have a good amount of lessons this past week with lots of different people. Unfortunately the two people that were planning on being baptised soon still haven't come to church though so we'll have to push back the baptismal date for awhile. We did have a few really good lessons with them this week though! It seems like this past week we went on quite a good amount of exchanges with other missionaries too, which are always a little hectic haha. Usually they last a full 24 hours and we just switch companions and areas for the day. So on thursday I went over to the Alexandria 3rd Area with Elder Bennet (one of the guys in my district) and Elder Kessler stayed in our area with Elder Merrill (elder Bennet's companion). That was a lot of fun, it's Elder Bennet's second transfer in the field so he's still pretty new. I love hanging out with new missionaries though, they are always so much more pumped to get out there and work haha. So we spent most of the day there on bikes and it turns out that they are currently looking for a new bike so for now they have a girls bike... so I kinda got stuck on that for the day haha. It looked like a guys bike kinda but man it was super uncomfortable! The pedals were super small and the seat and handle bars were bother super wide haha. So I almost crashed quite a few times but I survived haha. Throughout each transfer I'm supposed to go on one exchange with each companionship in my district so I'll probably have another one one day this week. Then Friday was my day to go on an exchange with the zone leaders (they cycle through each one of the district leaders every week) and that was alot of fun. I got to stay in our area this time around and Kessler went over to their area. So I was with Elder Anderson (not the one I was with before haha) for the day and we had some really spirit filled lessons with a few of the people we are teaching. Also this past week we had a lady in our ward take us to the comissary on base to buy some groceries and man that place is sweet! Everything there is super cheap compared to civillian grocery stores, even cheaper than wal-mart! It was very cool. We are going to see if she will take us at the beginning of next month too so we can buy some more stuff.
We had a really sweet experience on Saturday evening though. It was a few minutes after 9 o clock so we were heading back to our roomates car so they could give us a ride home and a lady just came up out of nowhere and was like "Hey I just felt really strongly that I needed to come talk to you guys, can you come visit with my son?" So she told us that her 13 year old son has been going through some rough times and she really wants her family to be raised on a Christian foundation so that her children can have good morals. So we went and got to know both her and her son. I mostly talked with the son, his name is Marcelis and he's a super cool kid, I talked with him about video games and drawing (which it turns out he's super good at) and about how God and prayer can really make life easier, even when we're young. While I was doing that Elder Kessler was talking to his Mom, Natasha, who was just so glad we were there and told him about how much she really just feels the spirit about us and things like that. Unfortunatelly it was pretty late and we have to be in by 9:30 if we're at a lesson (9 if we're not) so we had to get running, but man overall it was really a sweet little discussion we had with them. We left them each with their own copy of the Book of Mormon and invited them to read a chapter together and pray about it, which they said they would do and they really wanted us to come back over. Such a sweet experience! Hopefully we get to see them again this week. Also this past week I had an awesome little surprise package and card! First a card from my family up in idaho that totally made my day! and then a package later in the week from my grandparents that was full of cards made by my cousins! So cool! So it was another really sweet week here. So far I really love this area and I hope I get to stay here a long time! Well I hope everyone is having a great week wherever you are! I love and miss all of you guys!

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