Monday, September 16, 2013

A Fantastic Week in Chesterfield!

Well this past week was our "Mission President's Challenge" week. Meaning that this past week there was a competition mission-wide to see what companionship could find the most new people to teach in a week. It was awesome! As zone leaders we were asked to go work for 2 hours with each set of Elders in our zone which put us at 20 hours of knocking on doors this past week with Elders in their areas haha, busy busy! Because we wouldn't be able to do hardly any work in our areas we were told to count how many people we helped find in other areas towards our total for "the challenge" meaning that we had to be the ones to actually meet them and teach them. Well our zone kicked butt at that competition! Elder Collie and I were able to find 43 new people to teach with other missionaries and the zone all together (about 44 missionaries) found a total of 133 new people to teach! We reported that into the Assistants and President last night and they were totally blown away haha. I guess the missionaries here just really took it seriously and tried their hardest! The week before last our entire zone only found 24 new people and that was about an average week. So for that to multiply by 5 in the course of 1 week was incredible haha, they said that we found more in our one zone this week than the entire mission put together found last month! Crazy! It was hardly anything us or the missionaries in the zone were doing though, that was very plain to see. The only thing we had to do was put in the effort and the Lord did the rest haha. It was incredible just how prepared people were to receive the gospel in the past week. You can tell the Lord was really prepped for "the Challenge". I can think of at least 5 times off the top of my hear where people just waved us in right when they saw us and were excited to hear the news of the Gospel. There were times every day where someone would tell us we had came just at the right time, or that they just knew we were sent by God to their house that day. A woman even came up to Elder Collie and one of the missionaries we were with Tuesday and said that when she shook their hand she could feel the spirit and knew that they were angels sent from God. What an awesome week it was! The only downsides to it are 1: Everyone in the zone BUT us has tons of new people to teach haha, we only got to spent some time Thursday and Sunday night within our own area boundaries so we only found 1 new person haha and 2: We drove our car about 700 miles in the past 7 days traveling around to each area haha, which for the entire month we are only allotted 1400... So we're going to have a very hard time staying under that now. The plus side of spending so much time driving though was that we got to see all the different places in our zone that we had never been to just because they were so far out. if you're curious just how far out in the sticks we were you can type in the cities we were in on google maps. We live in Colonial Heights and we traveled to Lawrenceville, Emporia, Wakefield, Hopewell, and then of course up north to a few places but all those were in the city so nothing too exciting. Well I better get going and finish up this email. It ended up a pretty long one, sorry about that, but it was one of the best weeks of my mission so far for sure! We got to see God's hand in everything we did, it was so sweet. Today we are going to go golfing with President Wilson so I have to be pretty quick on my email time today, but golf will be sweet! I hope each of you are having a great day as well! I love and miss you all lots and I'll see you soon!

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