Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Good but Busy week in Swift Creek!

Well like the subject says it has been another great week here in the life of a missionary! Lots and lots of meetings though haha. Definitely the thing I dislike the most about being a zone leader is just all of the meetings. Wednesday was the Mission Leader Council (I think I've mentioned in a few emails before about my lack of excitement in those meetings) it went for about 8 hours, and then on Friday we had our Zone Meeting, always good times as well haha. So as good as those two meetings were, I'm glad they are over with.
In between the meetings though we were able to get some good teaching appointments in, that's always pretty sweet. We have been starting to do this thing with the people we teach called a "Baptismal Calendar" where when someone sets a goal date that they would like to feel ready by to be baptized we say okay, now lets talk about what the things are that you personally feel uncomfortable about right now with baptism, then we use this blank calendar sheet to schedule days to teach about each of those things, goals to start living certain commandments they are struggling with, and the times  and dates we'll be having church and other church activities they should attend. It's super effective and really helps people see what they need to do to feel ready for baptism. It helps them have a nice road map to follow and it helps us teach to their needs rather than just general lessons. It's awesome! So this week we've started implementing it with a few of the people we are teaching and it has worked great. We helped a lady we've been teaching for awhile quit smoking this past Saturday with it and so far it's going really well! We made her a poster and brought it to her office so she could put it up on her desk so that people at work would stop asking her to go out and smoke with them. She loved it! We took pictures with her when we did it so i'll attach that to another email. Her boss loved it too, he hates that she smokes haha. So he even went so far to say that if she stops smoking he'll give her 1 weeks paid vacation and a $300 bonus! So he's been helping us quite a bit too.Way awesome.
We've also found a few new people to teach this past week, quite a but actually, which was much needed. 2 of them, a husband and wife in their 80's named Aida and Will, we knocked on their door and they opened right up and said "Yes! Y'all have come back to see us!" They said a couple of missionaries visited them 3 or 4 months ago but never came back to visit, they love the Book of Mormon and all the things that we taught them so far. they said they'll be coming to church this next Sunday and will pray about being Baptized on the 5th of October. It was solid how they answered to the invitation to be baptized too haha her husband Will is recovering from a stroke so he can't really walk anymore, so her immediate response was "Well you see, I know Will wouldn't be able to because of his stroke..." then she paused for a second and said "Actually you know what, where there is a will there is a way, and if God wants us to do that then he will provide a way for it to happen. So yes we will pray about that and Jesus will provide." So solid! People give us excuse after excuse but really she's right, when it is in the will of God he will provide a way, no matter what.
Being a missionary rocks! Well just a few experiences I wanted to share. The Gospel works awesome miracles in peoples lives and it is so sweet to witness it first hand. I hope you guys are all having a great day wherever you are! I love and miss you all and I'll talk to you next week!

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