Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awesome experience

Melissa got a letter from Cody and shared with us an experience he had. He said that they have investigators that come in so the man they had to teach was a man named Alexandre Paul. "he's an ambassador from Haiti so he's a pretty big deal. But as soon as he let us in the door he just started firing off really tough questions back to back and tried making us trip over our words but I answered almost every question he had right away and by the end of it he was telling me how impressed he was that someone as young as me knew so much about the gospel hahaha but I just told him it's not us that does the teaching, we just follow the promptings of the spirit. That really made him want to learn about baptism and getting the holy ghost for himself. It was so awesome to hear! But then our time ran out and we had to go :( but we can cone back next week He said. He wrote down all the stuff he wanted to know about so we can talk about that next time. So that should be sweet :)"

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