Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 2 email from MTC

Another week has gone by here at the MTC and things are starting to speed up so thats good. I'm learning tons every day and we've changed almost everything about how we've taught since the first day we were here. We've really been learning to ask questions nore when teaching to we can teach the person more, not just a lesson. The more we care about the people we've been teaching and the more we've been looking at their personal needs, the more effective and smooth our teaching has been. Like I said we're more than halfway done with things here in the MTC now so thats good. I'm ready to get out in the field and teach real people where we can really make a difference in people's lives. The food here has gotten better too, it turns out they just always have great stuff on Sundays. I'd like to wish a happy birthday to my mom from this weekend. For those of you who didn't know, my mom turned 22 this Saturday and it sounds like they had some pretty fun stuff planned. The provo temple here is very very pretty and I can't wait to go through the one over in DC. I've only heard awesome stuff about it. Oh and it turns out four-square gets played after elementary school by people sometimes because the elders here play it quite a bit. It probably sounds super lame but it's actually pretty fun. The games get pretty hardcore and intense more often than not. A lot of dives, jumps, behind the back tosses, and slides. So far I seem to be pretty good at it. We also had the relief society general president come speak to us all on tuesday about missionary work, that was kinda cool. Besides that though this hasn't been a super eventful week by any means. I'm glad it's monday though, P-day's are awesome. I got my flight Itenerary (probably not how you spell that) for my flight to DC and things should be pretty straightforward and easy. I will be leaving next wednesday from the SLC airport and fly directly to the airport in DC on a 5 or 6 hour flight. Getting out into the field should be pretty sweet. I hope everything is going well back home and wherever everyone is. I miss everyone of you lots. I should have enough time to respond to letters today so hopefully they get there later this week. I'm really excited to hear about Granny and Pa's release date. It feels like its coming up nice and fast. Can't wait to see them. Well hope everythings going well and thanks to everyone for the letters this week and to michelle and dane for the package. Stuff like that always makes my day and keeps me going.

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