Monday, October 24, 2011

Last Letter From The MTC

Woo hoo almost done here at the MTC!!!! I'm so ready to be out of this place haha. I've learned tons here though. I have quite a bit of new favorite scriptures and I know lots of good scriptures for specific topics and stuff now. There's no doubt we've got the Lords help as we learn here though because there's no way a bunch of just 19 year old kids could learn this much stuff and remember it all just by themselves. There's no doubt that we're having quite a bit of help. As I get closer to leaving this wednesday though I get more and more nervous about actually teaching a real investigator. Theres no recovering from a real mistake and acidentally offending somebody or something when I'm out in the field so I've really got to just rely on the spirit and then I know for sure whatever happens is just how things are supposed to go. We did a solid 13 hours of "in field training" that was so boring!!!! And so confusing! I was really hoping I got it all in and was pretty stressed out about it but then we had our weekly meeting with our mission district president and he's such a cool guy haha he said "I'm guessing what's got you worried about the infield is that it was a lot of information and you're not sure if you can remember it all right?" and so I said wow yea thats actually exactly it haha and he said "My advice, and I'm being completely honest here, is don't worry about it for one minute. Even if you dodn't get one thing out of that entire training and you forgot the whole thing, just dont worry about it. You will have a trainer for your first while out there that will help you along and just keep doing what youre supposed to and the Lord will help you along the way no matter what." It was exactly what I needed to hear haha it helped so much. But man it's been such a busy weekend for our district with us leaving soon. We had 3 back to back firesides last night that I though were never going to end haha. But things are slowing down now so thats good. Having a P-day always helps with that. I got the untrasound pictures for Mitch and Sonyas newest girl. Man three girls in a row!! Haha that'll be awesome though and I can't wait to meet her when I get home. It also looks like Mitch shot a pretty nice elk too, the picture was pretty small on my screen so I couldnt tell for sure but it looked pretty nice. I can't wait to here about my dad and mat's hunt up in Idaho. You guys will have to send me some stories for sure. I miss all of you guys tons.

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