Well today is a special day to be able to email because it's my Moms birthday! So everybody be sure to wish her a great one! I believe it's her 23rd birthday. Well it's been another great week here in Centreville 1st! Everything is really going well here and we've had some of the best weather! It has been mid 60's pretty much all week and this upcoming week it's supposed to be just a little warmer, upper 60's, so it should be awesome! We had a few interesting lessons this past week though, probably two of the most frustrating lessons I've taught on my entire mission, but still I'm just glad we got the chance to teach! The first one was with a woman, who has some great faith, but believes that she is a prophetess (female prophet). She's single so we were having a lesson with the Sister missionaries there so that they could start teaching her instead because it was really hard to find people to come with us right in the middle of the day, which is always when she wanted to meet. But the whole time we were there she just kept cutting us off or telling us to stop talking and then she would stand up and begin to yell some sort of something at us haha, anything from Nephi (Book of Mormon Prophet) just being a reincarnated Paul (from the New Testament), or that the Sabbath is really on Saturday and not Sunday and we need to repent and change that practice in our church... So it was pretty tough haha. She loves the Book of Mormon though and loves to study it with the missionaries, so hopefully the Sisters can just help her get some things cleared up haha. So then immediately after that lesson we went to another lesson with a woman who we were going to watch general conference with and we had spent like 2 hours burning it onto a DVD for her the day before, then we got there and after about 12 seconds of her just being like "this is dumb, why do they have to introduce everybody? Why can't they just introduce themselves?" or "I hate it when choirs sing all at the same time like that, I can't understand anything they're saying" she decided she would just watch it later and then told us she thinks that the reason that Mormon's are such a widespread religion and the fastest growing religion in the world is because it is being led by the devil, who is just deceiving all of us haha. But to soften that blow a little bit she did say that we are very nice people and if the devil is leading us we are probably having a good influence on him, so that was really nice of her haha. So that was a super frustrating day, but still a good one! We had a pleasant surprise this weekend too with one of the other women we are teaching. We just stopped by her house to see how she was doing because she wasn't home for our lesson this Friday, and her son answered and told us that she wasn't there again, so at first we were like dang! she hates us! But then he told us that the reason that she wasn't there is because she decided to take a trip up to the Temple Visitor's Center with her boyfriend! How cool is that? So after finding that out we were totally fine with her not being home right then haha. Overall it was a great week here though! Centreville is an awesome place, I wouldn't be the least bit mad if I ended up staying here the rest of my mission! Well I hope everyone is having a great week wherever you are! I love and miss you all lots!