Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real Weekly Email 10/9

Well now I'll be able to go into just a little more detail with my email haha. It was a great week here in Centreville like always! This week was actually even greater than usual too! Friday was our year mark and we had a nice home-cooked meal straight from home itself! I got 2 awesome packages from my family with tons of great food in it. The second of the two packages was even filled with home grilled steaks from my Dad and some awesome homemade mac and cheese from my Mom, it was so awesome! Plus we were able to finish off our meal with some good chocolate fondue and lots of stuff to dip in it (also in the package). Which overall made it an awesome day! Then of course Saturday and Sunday were great because of General Conference, which I was really really excited about. I can't believe the age limit for Missionaries was lowered to 18! And 19 for Sister missionaries! How crazy is that? So we should be getting a couple really big groups of missionaries coming in these next couple of transfers! Especially a lot of Sister missionaries, which is good, because Sister missionaries are always the best missionaries anyways haha. I thought all of the talks this Conference were great though! I really liked President Uchdorf's talks and also Elder Hollands alot. Plus Russell M. Nelson's and Robert C. Gay's talks were really good too. I can't wait until they get put up on so I can download them onto my MP3 player to listen to a few more times. We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon conference with a guy we're teaching named Bankoli (he's from Sierra Leone) and he really really liked it, he said that he can really tell and feel that the men who were speaking were inspired of God. Yesterday was also a ton of fun because we went on a district trip to Washington D.C. for the day! We had planned to meet everyone at a bus stop in our area and just take the bus and then train up to D.C. but we got there, then the Sisters got there, and then the other two companionships in our district texted us and said they were just going to meet us up there because they had found someone to give them a ride. Well we got up there and got another text saying their ride fell through so they weren't going to come... So it ended up just being us and the Sisters haha which was still good because we're really good friends with the Sisters, but still we were really hoping everyone could come haha. I did take lots of sweet pictures of the Monuments and stuff though that I should be able to send back soon. It was a lot of fun! Man has it been getting chilly here though! Sunday the high for the day was like 58 and then Monday it was 54! It sounds like it should stay the same and just cool down from here on out though. Some people in our ward who we ate dinner with last week said that it will probably stay 60's all throughout the upcoming week. It's going to be sweet! So it's time to start breaking out the winter gear! Well overall it's been another great week here! It's looking like it should be another great one coming up too! I hope everyone is having a great week wherever you are! I love and miss you guys lots!

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