Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick note to Mom 10/9

Hey Mom! Wasn't conference awesome? I really thought all the talks were awesome, I was so pumped up after Elder Holland's talk especially "I imagine Christ will ask each of us that ver same question, he will turn to you and ask 'Did-You-Love Me?'" I think bold and underlined is the closest way to type it with as much power as Elder Holland said it with haha. I also really liked President Uchdorf's Sunday morning talk about resolving to be happy. His Priesthood session talk was really similar too and it was great. And then of course the two the pictures went with were awesome as well. "Ask the missionaries!" and "I'm a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love it!" So awesome! I'm glad you and Shell got to watch them all too, I've decided that in order for me to remember stuff I've just got to write it down, so I ended up taking like 14 pages worth of notes this conference haha. I did get both the Packages though! They were so awesome! That Mac and Cheese you made was delicious too! Super duper cheesy with bacon in it, the best!! We've been loving all the Steak Dad made too. We each had a big slice on Friday and then Saturday made some steak and cheese quesidillas and we still have two steaks left over for this week! I wrote Melissa a quick email yesterday before I had to go letting her know that I think she should try to serve if she can, she would really make a great missionary. Well I better get running, crazy to think your birthday is just a week away! That'll be sweet because I'll be able to emaiil you right on your birthday since it will be on a Monday :) Well I hope you're having a great week Mom! I love and miss you lots and lots!

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