Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane? Email from 10/31

So I feel like a "Hurricane" is probably too strong of a word to use for what Sandy did atleast down where we are haha. It was just a ton of rain and a little bit of wind. We've yet to see a downed tree or hear of someone here in Centreville losing power, so it was pretty disappointing haha. We were expecting it to be a little bit more exciting. But it was bad enough that we did get stuck inside all Monday :( The winds were gusting at about 45 MPH in the morning and then went up to about 60-70 MPH throughout the evening, which is pretty much impossible to ride a bike in, I don't know what it is about wind while you're on a bike but for whatever reason it is always blowing directly in your face haha. Luckily though we had a member sign up to feed us dinner and be our house to evacuate to incase of emergency and they called us first thing in the morning asking if we would like to come have snacks and family card games since we were going to be stuck inside anyways haha so we got to do that for most of the day. Man did it bring some major cold in though! I had to go buy a few sweaters from Ross this past week so I'd have more than just the one I bought last year haha. Humid cold just cuts you right to the soul too! So yesterday it was in the 40's and raining pretty much all day but after not being able to work at all Monday we were determined to be out in it all day haha but man it was freezing! Brother Large is still planning on being baptized this upcoming Saturday at 11 AM and man am I pumped! We are having one of our ward missionaries named Brother Gore do the baptism, who was able to take us to the Stake Center during the day Monday with Bankoli (Brother Large he prefers) to show him what the baptismal font looks like and let him and Bro. Gore have a few dry practice runs haha. It went awesome! It's been such a miracle all around being able to watch Brother Large progress in the gospel. He was barely here in america a week when we met him which brought the verse in 2 Nephi 1 to mind: "6. Wherefore, I, Lehi, prophesy according to the workings of the Spirit which is in me, that there shall none come into this land save they shall be brought by the hand of the Lord." Bankoli has only been here just over a month now and he will have to go back home to Sierra Leone in December, we definitely believe that he was brought here specifically to find the Gospel and take it back to his family. So cool! So those have really been the highlights of this past week, I love this area! Next week will be transfers though and we really hope we will stay. Elder Cluff thinks he might be ready to go (he HATES having to ride bikes everywhere haha), but I feel like I'll probably get moved elsewhere this time around :( but If I do get to stay I will have officially been in bike areas for a year straight! Which would be pretty awesome, and pretty rare because 70% of our mission consists of car areas haha. I hope everybody has had a great week wherever you are and will have a great Halloween tonight! We will be watching Puss in Boots with our zone tonightfor our Halloween celebration :) they don't want us out and about on New Years and Halloween (due to drunk people and scantily dressed women) so they approve some sort of a Disney or animated movie for us to watch instead haha. Should be sweet! Well I love and miss you guys, hope all is well!

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