Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a great weekend!! 11/5 email

Well it sure has been a great weekend since I emailed you all last! Brother Large is now the newest member of our ward and man does he have a strong testimony! First his Baptismal interview on Friday went awesome. The Missionary who was interviewing came out afterwords and whispered to me "Holy Smokes that guy knows everything!" haha which is always good to hear after an interview. Then on Saturday the Baptismal service went great! We didn't have a huge turn out from the ward, in fact I think there was only one family there who didn't have a part on the program haha. But Brother Large was excited to see everyone who did show up and made a couple of new friends in the ward in the process. It was a super spiritual experience all around. Saturday night we ended up going to a Fall Festival for the Manasses ward with a lady who we've been teaching (she goes to the Manasses ward with her boyfriend so she pretty much goes to all their stuff) and had a great time there too. Unfortunately, even with our two votes, she didn't when the Chili cook off though haha. Then Sunday went really awesome! Brother Large got confirmed during sacrament meeting and since it was fast and testimony meeting he got to get up afterwards and bare his testimony and man was it powerful! I was a little concerned that he might not have had a complete conversion take place in his heart before the baptism just because he had progressed so fast, I mean after all we did only teach him for like 4 weeks haha, but his testimony sure did take all of that concern away. He talked about how reading the Book of Mormon has helped him to have his perspective changed and he understands the things in the Bible so much better now and about how he knows the Word of Wisdom is the word of God and he is excited to live it so he can be Physically and Spiritually strong and how grateful he is that God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet just like in times of old. It was super cool! I wrote down a lot of word for word quotes from it in my journal that night so I won't forget them haha. He is loving the ward though and they are loving him! The only concern it sounds like he's had so far though, which he didn't seem too distraught about was "(super think African accent) I believe that I am the only Black in your congregation" but we told him there are lots of Black members of the church, just not in our ward I guess haha. But wouldn't you know it, this past week we had a man from Ghana move into our ward, so now he's not the only one! So overall it has been a great weekend! Today we have been playing sports pretty much all day and man am I beat haha, we played a few games of Gatorball which is a huge sport in our mission, it's exactly like soccer but played with a volleyball and if you kick the ball up off the ground you are allowed to catch it and run with it until you get tagged then you have to put it down and instead of goals you just have a chair on both sides of the basketball court that you have to throw or kick the ball at. And we got to play some two on two racquetball with the Spanish Elders and man it was fun haha. Everything is really going great here, I really hope I don't get transferred this Thursday! So hopefully my next email is from this area! I hope everyone has had a great week wherever you are though! I love and miss you guys lots!

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