Monday, November 12, 2012

The start of a new transfer!

Well transfer calls came and here I am still in Centreville 1st with a new companion! Unfortunately Elder Cluff got moved elsewhere, but he wanted that so he didn't have to ride his bike any more haha. I am super excited that I got to stay! My new companion is Elder Skinner from Hermiston Oregon, he has been on his mission 5 months now and came here from the Fredricksburg area. He's an awesome guy, him and I have been getting along awesome so far, mostly because we share the same sense of humor haha so that helps a lot. He was really big into mountain bike racing before his mission so he is super excited to be here in a bike area. He is way better than me on a bike though haha but he has already taught me a new trick of being able to wheelie on my front tire without using my front brakes, it's super useful for going up curbs and stuff haha. Plus with his mountain biking experience back home he is a lot more excited to try out new trails we see on the side of the road that look like they go where we need to go, so we've already discovered a few new shortcuts haha. Things have been going great with the work here in the area too to start off the transfer. Brother Large got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and now has the Authority to baptize the rest of his family when the time comes, which he is super excited about! Then after church we ended up having two lessons with two really awesome people. First was a young Korean guy who is the best friend of our bishop's son, he wants to be baptized but his parents wont let him, but now he has decided that he wants to be baptized on Christmas Eve, the day after he turns 18 and doesn't need his parents permission any more! Way awesome. He's not what you would typically think of though when you think "young Korean guy" he is huge! Like tall and big, he can bench press 300 pounds haha, crazy! He's the local high school's football star, he's a great guy. Then after that we had dinner with some members and while we were there the Sister who was making the dinner for us was talking to a friend of hers, who had just stopped by for a second, about the Plan of Salvation and invited her to come back over after dinner for a lesson with the missionaries and she agreed! So she came by after dinner and had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon, Prophets, and dispensations. It went great! I had met the friend a few times before but she always was very anti the church, and still is in a way haha, but she said she wants to learn where we are coming from but does not want to convert and wont guarantee that she'll believe any of the things we tell her haha, we told her that was totally fine and all we would ask her to do anyways is just take what we say and pray about it to find out if it's true for herself rather than taking our word for it. She said she would definitely do that and has no problem hearing us out and learning what we believe. Most of her questions though seemed to revolve around the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith though so we started out by teaching her about that but she said that she would like to meet with us again this Thursday to hear more about the Plan of Salvation, so we are very stoked about that! Overall though it was a great week! things are starting to heat up here again for some reason though, it has been up in the 50's and 60's all this past week and is supposed to continue to be that way this week. Lame! We want snow! Haha people have been saying that it's supposed to be a heck of a winter once it does hit though, the coldest in 10 years someone told us that the farmers almanac said. Hopefully it's right! I got hosed on my first winter here since it didn't snow really much at all or get very cold, and I wont really see much snow or cold next year in Vegas at this time, so I really want it to be a cold one this year to make up the difference haha. Well I've got to get running! I hope everyone has had a great week wherever you are! I love and miss all of you guys lots!

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