Monday, December 17, 2012

What a week! 12/12 email

Well it sure has been a crazy week here in Cenreville! But everything is really going great! This week our P-day got moved to today because Elder Packer of the 70 came and spoke to the whole mission Monday morning and man was it awesome! It went really really long though haha, we were there at the chapel for 6 and a half hours. He shared some rally great things wih us hough and promisd us los of blessings for working as hard as we can. So just a quick note just in case you noticed haha my typing isn't the best today. We have a third computer in our computer lab that we have to us when the oher ones are in use and it's keyboard doesnt really work how it should haha so it is really frstrating to ry ad get it to type, basically the buttons are all broken from people pressing them too hard so now sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. So at random points in the email today you'll probably notice I'm missing lots of letters haha. So because of the conference on monda our p-day would have been movd to yesterday but Elder Skinner had a fw doctors apointments he had to get to that were way down in Fredricksburg where his las area was at, which is close o a two hour drive haha so we spent the whole day yesterday in the car oing to those and got permission to take our p-day today instead haha. This past week I was really excited to get a whole bunch of packages in a row! I got 2 from my Family, one from my Grandparents, and 2 for some stuff I ordered off all in a period of 5 days haha it was awesome! So thank you to all those who have sent me ackaes this past week! We had a few really great lessons his past week as well. We had one on Wednesday with a lady we are teaching that wants to stop smoking, so we taught her about this plan that missionaies use that can get anyone to stop wanting to smoke for good after just 7 days, so far it's worked awesome! We have been calling her every night since we taught her the lesson and she has stayed smoke free all 6 days! If she does everything the program asks her to do today too she should be completely smoke free! We are really excited about that and will be having a paty for her tomorrow night o celebrate. We also had a great lesson with our Korean investigator who is the best friend of the Bishops son here in our ward and he is set and excited to be Baptized on the 24th! We finished reviewing everthing he needs to know to be ready for the 24th and man he is stoked! His friend will e the one doing the baptism too so it should be an awesome experince all around. This past week we have also had some major bike trouble too though unfortunately. Elder Skinner broke his rear derailleur and derailleur hanger, which the derailleur can just be bought from any old bike shop but the hanger has to be special ordered. So we have been borrowing the Sister's bike since tuesday haha. Since Elder Skinner unsed to downhill race back home e likes to take his bike off any jump he sees on our way to our appointments haha and e can't really do that on the Sister's bike because it's completel rigid (no suspension) so I let him ride mine while I used the Sister's and he ended up getting a flat on my back tire with a pretty good sized chunk of rusty metal then after we patched i up and got it back together we noticed that my back brake caliper is broke and doesn't stop he bike anymore... so I've got to go buy one of those at the bike shop today so I can have more than just my front brakes haha. Neither of those breaks were his fault though they were both just chance haha. So a lot of the P-day oday will be spent doing some bike repairs haha. It was a great wek here though! Our weather is cooling down, which I'm super excited about haha, and hopefully we will get some snow soon! Well that's about it for this week, I hope everyone has had a grat week wherever you are! I love and iss you guys lots!

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