Monday, December 17, 2012

Craxy week!

Well it sure has been a crazy week here in Centreville! With it being the week leading up to transfers and getting close to Christmas there has been a lot of stuff out of the ordinary going on haha. We had that Conference Monday I mentioned in my last email and then we had that day of driving around to various doctors appointments and then we had our Wednesday P-day that I sent my email on. Then Thursday was a good solid day of normal missionary life, which was awesome haha. But then Friday morning was our mission wide Christmas Party, it was really sweet! We had a lot of good food and a really good talent show, it turns out we have a lot or musically talented missionaries here in our mission! That was fun getting to see everyone again. It's not often that all of our mission gets together for things, usually its just a part of it that gets together, so it was really great to have all of us missionaries in one spot. After the Christmas party we went with our Zone Leaders to pick up our mission shirts for this year and they are really cool too. Then Saturday was our wards Christmas Party and it was alot of fun, mostly because of how many non-members were there haha. That was really great. There were a few people we have been teaching that were there and then lots of people who had brought their non-member friends that we got to talk to. A few of the ward members also put on the play Scrooge and did a really good job. This week is a very very stressful week though because it's transfer week and I really don't want to leave here but I'm pretty sure I am :/ I feel like this has kinda been a short email but I don't really have too much I can talk about this week because of how late in the week my last email was haha. It was a good week here in Centreville though, just a crazy one haha. I hope everyone is having a great week back home wherever you are though! Hopefully my next email will come from Centreville still! I love and miss you guys lots!

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