Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas

Well here I am another week in Centreville! Still with Elder Skinner! I'm so excited! And surprised haha, I thought for sure I was getting transferred. In fact it was even more surprising because only one person out of our entire district got transferred and that was Elder Anderson, one of our zone leaders. We're going to miss him but man am I excited that I get ti stay here! This will be my second are that I've stayed in for 6 months haha. Man it sure was a great week though! We had Joon's baptism this morning (he's the Korean guy that we've been teaching) and it was awesome! There was an awesome turn out and everything went great! We probably had close to 70 or 80 members come to support him, it was so sweet! Also this week we had a bunch of really good lessons with those we've been teaching and now have two more people we are teaching working towards dates for baptism! A kid named Ben, who is also from Las Vegas, he's an awesome guy, is planning on the 12th and Alejandra, a woman from Mexico City we've been teaching for a while now is planning on the 5th! Next Saturday! How cool is that? Both of them are really awesome people. Ben is 18 and lives on his own and has really made some good friends at church that go to school with him too. Me and him get along great because we get to talk about all the stuff we both remember about Vegas  he moved here from Vegas just a year and a half ago, so just before I moved here from Vegas too haha. He should be with us when we Skype home tomorrow at a member in our ward's house so my family will get to meet him! Awesome! Alejandra is the girlfriend of a member in another ward and we've been teaching her for awhile now, she has such a great testimony, she knows everything we've taught her is true, she's just had a hard time with a few things but this past week she got past all of those things! So she wants to be baptized soon so that she can have the Holy Ghost as her constant companion to keep helping her do what's right. Plus we also got to go with a family to the Temple Visitor's Center last night and see all of the Christmas lights and man was it awesome! That Father in the family isn't a member of the Church and he really enjoyed himself and learned alot, it was very cool. On top of all that I was also blessed to get a whole bunch of Christmas packages and Cards from people this week, which was awesome! They are sitting underneath our tree in our apartment now, can't wait to open them tomorrow! It's going to be a great Christmas! We even had some snow start to fall today but not stick, it was a bunch of snow though! So it might even be a white Christmas this year! Well I hope everyone has a great Christmas wherever you are! I have to get going so I've got some time to coordinate with my parents on what time to Skype tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

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