Monday, February 18, 2013

Another great week here in Quantico!

Well this week was another great week here in Quantico! It was a little slow though for lessons because of the holiday weekend. So it seems like almost nobody was home haha. We had some beautiful weather a few days this past week though! It was in the 60's so we were in our short sleeve white shirts until the sun went down haha it was great! We spent a lit of time attempting to find new people to teach this week, which is much needed haha, most of the people we are teaching just aren't super interested right now so we are in the market for new people to teach. We spent lots of time knocking on peoples doors and asking members if they new anyone that could use a little bit of spiritual upliftment. Which I don't mind at all haha, I actually really enjoy finding for the most part and Elder Eaton does as well. The only downside though is you really start to feel like you're just spinning your wheels after awhile haha. But after some time we did end up finding a few new people to teach! So that's exciting for sure. Hopefully that continues haha. We also had our "zone training" this week where we get together with the zone and talk about changes and emphasis' in the mission rules for the upcoming transfer as well as do some sort of doctrinal lesson at the end. It went really well! We thought for sure a lot of the missionaries would freak about about some of the new rules but everybody was just fine with it haha. The part we were most unsure about though was President Riggs had told us that we needed to take away each one of the area's phones at the meeting and go through and delete any other missionaries' numbers that they weren't supposed to have in their phone haha. I guess they've been having a real problem with social phone calls around the mission so he was finally just cracking down on it for good. They were a little hesitant to give us their phones but it went better than we expected haha. It did take forever though! Each one of those phones had between 400-600 contacts in them that we had to go through! It was crazy haha. Luckily our zone is one of the smaller ones in the mission so we only had to go through 9 phones was all. There's a few zones in the mission where I'm sure they went through close to 20. We also had a meeting with all the bishops, ward mission leaders, and stake leaders last night about missionary work in the zone that Elder Eaton and I had to give a presentation at, we're both glad we're done with that haha. So it's been a busy week as always here! But I don't mind that one bit haha, busy is great! Hopefully this week it's a little more busy with lessons though! Well I hope everyone had a great valentines day this past week! Thank you to everyone who sent me packages or cards! You guys made it a great Valentines day for me as well! I love and miss you all lots!

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