Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Transferred! Feb 4th email

Elder Gronning & Elder Skinner at Ben's baptism
 Well the inevitable happened, I got transferred haha. That was kinda expected after 6 months in my past area haha. I love it here in my new area with my new companion already though! My new companion is Elder Eaton, he was in the Centreville zone with me my first transfer there so we've met a few times and played some sports together. He is from Idaho Falls and knows where Grace is! So that was cool haha. He has been out 13 months now so only a few less than me and has been here in this area for the past 3 months. He's a great guy and we get along great. My new area is pretty unique for a few reasons haha. First off we are the Quantico ward, which means we cover the Quantico marine base and we also cover all of the young single adults for the entire Woodbridge stake. Which is super cool getting to cover another military base haha. I've now served on two of the three bases in our mission! Also, since we cover the entire stake we have a car! Actually it is a mini-van haha we are the one set of missionaries in the mission that has a van (besides the office-elders) instead of a car haha. The reason for that is that we are the Zone Leaders here in Woodbridge, which is also a first for me haha. So we keep track of all the missionary work for the Woodbridge stake and have to help people move from time to time and give them rides to transfers and stuff like that so they give us the van. The "Wood-wagon" as I call it haha. So far I love it here though. We stay very very busy all day every day now because of being in charge of helping out all the missionaries as well as still doing normal proselyting, so that's very nice. Here in our zone though we have Elder Call (my MTC roommate) and Elder McGoffin (who I was companions with back in sterling park) two very good friends of mine who I'm  excited to get to serve around again. This past Saturday was really great though. I got to go back to Centreville 1st for Ben's baptism and man it went great! He was so excited and had such great support from the ward there. He's a great kid. We have had quite a bit of snow these past few days too, but none of it has been sticking :/ we'll get about a half-inch and then as soon as the sun comes out it just all turns to wet. Hopefully we'll get a good sized snow-storm before winter is over! I attached a picture of Elder Skinner and I with Ben at his baptism Saturday, I need to take some pictures with my new companion and new apartment to send home soon. Which speaking of the new apartment, it is super super nice, one of the nicest in the mission for sure. It's like a hotel here haha. We just went and played a few games of pool in our front lobby while we were waiting for the computers to not be in use, which the pool table room/lunge has a fully stocked kitchen at all times haha. We also have a huge gym downstairs and a game room with 3 big screen tv's with a PlayStation 3, a Wii  and an Xbox  Such a bummer we can't use those though! Well I'm running out of time pretty quck due to the long email haha but I hope everyone has had a great week wherever you are! I love and miss all of you lots!

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