Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Awesome Week In Quantico! 3/19/13

Well it has been an incredible week here in Quantico! Unfortunately I don't have much time at all to email this week though :/ We had to give rides around the zone yesterday so some Elders could get some shopping done and then we had to end P-Day a little early for some appointments so we only have just a few minutes to email this morning before we leave for district meetings. Just a few highlights for this past week though that really made it an awesome week: First we had 5 people at church for the first time this past Sunday, and all 5 of them loved it! They are all planning on coming back next week. Second we found 2 new families to teach that are awesome. Third we had a family in the ward have us over last night for a lesson and dinner with a 3rd new family that wants us to teach them on a regular basis. Fourth I got to go on an exchange to a bike area and ride my bike again for the day, it was awesome! Fifth we got to go to the Marine Corps museum yesterday and it was sweet! And Sixth I got a great package from my family for Easter! It was an all around great week here! I'll have to elaborate a little more next week but I just wanted to give  quick little update to let everyone know that things are going well here! I love and miss each of you guys though and I wish I had some more time to email everyone today but I think this is probably all I will have time for :/ I hope everyone's having a great week though! More next week!

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