Monday, March 4, 2013

What a week!

Well it's really been a out of the ordinary week here this past week haha. Very crazy but still we had some great success! The biggest out of the ordinary thing that happened this week though was we got a third companion! His name is Elder McFadden and he is straight from the MTC, he is waiting for a visa to get into Brazil for him mission. So Elder Eaton and I will be training him temporarily haha. He's a great guy though and we are glad to have him with us! We also had quite the exchange with some members this past week. Our ward here is great with exchanges and it really helps us cover a lot more ground. We actually had enough members volunteer on Wednesday night to go out with us that we were able to do a "triple-split" haha which is unheard of. We each went with a different member though and worked in a different part of our area. I went and talked to our Elders Quorum president and check on a few referrals, Elder Eaton and his member went and visited a few less-active families, and Elder McFadden (this was his second night out in the mission field) went and found a new person to teach and taught a solid first lesson all on his own! It was great! We were able to get so much done in that hour. Besides that we've continued to have the Spanish Elders living with us all week, which is hectic in our little 1 bedroom apartment having 5 people haha and having to have 5 people shower and be ready in missionary clothes and eat breakfast all between 7 and 8 each morning haha. Even with all the craziness though we still managed to have a really great week! We managed to find 5 new people to teach and a have whole bunch of lessons still, it was sweet! We are really looking forward to having a less crazy week this upcoming week though haha. The craziest thing about this next week will be that it is transfers already! So there is a very small chance that my email will come from a new area next week but I really really hope not, I just finished getting unpacked it feels like haha. It was only a 5 week transfer this time though due to the change in how long missionaries go to the missionary training center. So they had to push just this one transfer back to a 5 week instead of a 6 week. Which means that all the current missionaries will go home a week early. Which according to the calendar will put me at exactly 2 years to the day at the end of my mission haha. It was quite a stressful week here but it was a great one nevertheless! I hope you all have had a great week as well! I love and miss you guys lots

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