Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Great Week & A Great Baptism!

It has been an awesome week here in Swift Creek! We didn't get to email yesterday like we had wanted to because our library was closed :/ but they're back open now! So we got permission to email today instead haha. It has been another one of those go-go-go- kind of weeks here though haha. Lots of great lessons. We had a few of the people we are teaching either start feeling better or come back into town so we were able to meet with them again for the first time in awhile. That was nice haha, like an old reunion or something haha. We also got a brand new car this week! Because our area is one of the highest mileage areas in the mission they wanted to get us a new, more fuel efficient, car so use. So they gave us a new 2013 Ford Fusion! We love it haha, it only had 110 miles on it when we got it and those were just from it being driven from the dealer to the Chesapeake mission and from there to our mission office. So it's even got the new car smell to it haha. If I can find a way to plug my SD card into the computer I'll send a picture (forgot my cord to plug it in today). By far the best thing that happened this past week though was the Baptisms of Sherry and her 3 kids, they are such an awesome family! It was a super spiritual service too. They brought lots of non-member friends with them who had never really came to a latter-day saint service of any sort before and you could really tell they felt the spirit while they were there. There were lots of tears of joy haha. Their friends also came to see them confirmed in Sacrament meeting the next day (Sunday) as well and loved that too. One of her friends that came, another family of four, said that they are curious and they would like us to start teaching them more about the church as well. Score! Also Sherry's Mom came again and she told us that she would like to learn more and be the next one to get baptized haha also score! Then to top it all off, we have a young woman who we've been teaching for awhile who lives with a family of the ward, but isn't a member herself, come and tell us this Sunday that she would like to be baptized this upcoming Saturday at 9 AM and she would like me to do it! Way cool!! She had been kind of iffy on it for quite awhile now but she finally decided this past week that it was true and she would like to join the church :) Should be awesome! Her name is Christina (she goes by Tina) and she is 11 years old. Her Sister Brittany was the young woman who was baptized 3 or 4 weeks back as well. So lots of exciting things building up! This week is transfers week though, which is a bummer always, but we are hoping that neither of us will be transferred. We will get the calls tonight to let us know! So hopefully no news there haha. Crazy to think this will be my last transfer call, makes me sick haha. Well I'd better wrap this one up, it turned into a pretty long email haha. I hope each of you are having great weeks as well though! I love and miss you all lots and I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Cody

Also I found a way to send my pictures, so I'll attach a few to an email in just a minute :)

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