Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Awesome Week!

Elder Gronning and Elder Collie

Elder Gronning's home sweet home in Chesterfield VA
It was another awesome week here in Chesterfield! A very busy week haha but good busy. we have been going non stop everyday this week and it's been great. Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Appomattox Ward Elders and i went to their area for the day. We spent the majority of our time out doing service for a woman in the ward, pruning up her strawberry garden and mowing her lawn. Thanks to lawn mower troubles it took us about 3 hours but it was still sweet haha we got to use a riding lawn mower that was made in 1971, I was surprised it was even still working haha that thing was so rusty. Then the following morning we went on exchanges with the Spanish Elders in the zone and i went to their area as well. Always a ton of fun. I love the Spanish program. I got to take a whack at Spanish tracting haha it was sweet. I figured out a few door approaches in my limited espanol and then we went on the hunt for Hispanic looking houses haha. The Spanish Elders here use the "Three Lights" of Spanish homes to tell the likelyhood of someone Hispanic living there haha it's a pretty clever little tactic. So the first "light" is Christmas Lights, if they see Christmas lights anywhere in the yard that are still up and it's not winter that's a flag for them haha whether the lights are just left up or put on something that they want to make look cool that isn't Christmas oriented at all it still counts haha. The Second is Bud-Lights haha they say if you can find a few bottles outside of the house then you're on the right track, from talking to people in their branch they think it's just because that's the cheapest beer they sell around here so they buy it alot haha. Third "light" and the by far most promising one is a satellite (not really a light but a lite so it counts haha) and specifically a Dish 500 satellite. They said that is the only dish package that carries the Spanish channels so if they have that it's pretty much a 99% chance that they speak Spanish haha. So that was a lot of fun going Spanish hunting with them. We also had a great Sunday yesterday. Sherry and her kids came again, which is awesome! and they are totally stoked for their baptism this Saturday! We can't wait! It's going to be at 6 and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole ward shows up, they love her and her kids haha. Also she brought her Mom with her to church for the first time and she really seemed to enjoy it as well, she's going to come to the baptism on Saturday and said that we are more than welcome to come by and start teaching her as well! So awesome! It should be a great week ahead. Well that's my update for the week. It was a good one as always! I took a few pictures of our house and things this past week so you guys can get an idea of where I'm at that I'll attach to this. I hope you are all having great weeks as well! I love and miss you all lots!

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