Monday, August 12, 2013

What a busy week 8/5/13 email

Well it was a super busy week here in Chesterfield! A really good one too though. Most of our being busy has come from it being the beginning of the month though, that means meetings meetings meetings for us haha. So Wednesday we had meetings, thursday we had to coordinate interviews woth President for the zone, and Friday was our zone meeting and then our interviews with President, busy! So I'm good not having to go to anymore meetings for the next while haha. We've had some really great success with a few of the people we are teaching this past week though. We had a few lessons with Sherry and her kids and they are loving the gospel up! They still can't wait to be baptized on the 24th of this month! We had dinner and a lesson at a family in the ward's house last night too, dinner was great lesson went great, all around the absolutely ideal environment for missionary work. Man did we have a super weird experience this past week though haha. We got a referral from some missionaries outside of the zone for a man who wanted us to come and help him mow his lawn, so we called him and set up a time to stop by, got his address, the whole nine yards. The address that he gave us wouldn't pop up on the GPS though so we called him and got some over the phone directions and he was super testy about it haha everytime we'd ask a question to clarify he would just snap at us haha. So we get the directions and go grab a lawn mower from a family in the ward (the Alders) and fit it the best we can in the trunk of our Malibu, which worked but very ghetto haha, the engine was too tall so it wouldnt go through the gap to get in the trunk so we had it hanging out the back with the bike rack up holding it in haha it looked so bad. So we sart dirving to his house and after about 15 minutes of driving we're out of our area and not even halfway there yet haha 30 minutes past that point we leave the zone and find his house, wayyyyyyyy out there and better yet he's got like 4 acres of grass knee high... it was a pretty discouraging sight haha. So we mowed as much as we could over about an hour and a half, which was maybe a 3rd of the yard because the mowers kept dieng haha, then went inside to talk to him about the gospel. He looked exactly like a blonde Will Ferrell a was super evangelical so he went off about how he is a prophet and prays in tounges he doesnt understand so that the devil can't tell what it is he's saying and stuff haha super weird and then his wife came around the corner... Elder Collie and I were both like oh man please be his daughter please be his daughter haha because she was lots lots younger than him but nope it was his wife. So we talked with both of them and somehow age came up, he is 44 and she is 21.. almost 22. Weird but not super weird, it gets weirder. Then their daughter comes out who is 4 and looks just like the mom, meaning she had her when she was probably 17, but wait there's more! He then told us that they had known the name for their daughter ever since they met when he was 38, immediately the math went through my head and the thought came "holy smokes she was 15 when they met and picked out a name for their future daughter!!!!" and he was 38!!! So weird!!! So at that point Elder Collie and I were just weirded out beyond reason haha we kept trying to share things about the gospel with them but man it was just not coming haha. So we showed him on his computer and committed them to watching President Monson's talk from conference after we left and then we got out of there and started the 45 minute drive back to our area haha. By far the weirdest service I've ever done, just very very awkward nothing felt right at all while we were there haha. Well that was my week in a nut shell! I love the life of a missionary! Busy, crazy, but a ton of fun at the same time haha. Time just goes by too quickly! I hope you all have had good weeks as well! More next week! I love and miss you all!

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