Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday dinner surprise!

From letter to mom:
Texas Roadhouse was so good! We had quite an awesome experience there too haha. So we go in and we hand pick 2 of their biggest steaks fresh cut, 2 20 oz bone-in rib eyes, so they got those cooking haha then we ordered a appetizer sampler, 2 cokes, and some cherry grenadine (to mix in the cokes, it's delicious) then we both got our steaks "smothered" which means covered in saute'd mushrooms and onions and then I got fries and fresh veggies on the side and Elder Collie got a cup of chili and a salad on the side. So much food! We took a bunch home with us haha. The waitress brought us the check, $70, perfect! So I gave her the gift certificate and she was like "did you not look at the check?" and I'm thinking oh jeez we went over or something haha, but I look down at the very bottom and it says "Balance Due: $00.00" a less active member saw us walk in and told her to add our bill to his! We went up and said thanks and everything but he really didn't want to talk to us haha I guess he wanted it to stay secret. But man how cool is that?! I told Elder Collie I feel bad for the guy now though because he's probably thinking we were buying missionary budget 5-10 dollar meals and he's about to get a $70 check haha, hopefully that didn't take him back too much haha, I would have not spent nearly as much if I knew he was paying haha. This area rocks!

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