Monday, July 29, 2013

Another good week in good old green VA!

Things are great here in beautiful VA! But when aren't they? haha. We had quite a full week of all sorts of sweet missionary work. We had lots of great lessons with a number of the people we are teaching and found 5 more to start teaching as well. Part of the new people we've started teaching was a family of four who is as solid as solid gets! They are a woman named Sherry and her 3 kids. She is going through a very very rough time right now. Her husband abandoned the 4 of them this past April and took everything with him, including their money. I guess he has had a rough life as well and just really snapped one day. So she was left alone with her 3 kids ages 9 and twins age 7 and halfway through full time schooling to become a nurse. So things were bad. Then one day she had a young man knock on her door selling trash services (out here everyone has to pay individual companies for trash pick up instead of the state) he asked her about her previous trash service and why it was cancelled and she said that her husband had cancelled it and he's since left. Well I guess the guy could sense that she was in quite a bit of distress about the whole thing, even though she says that she is very good at hiding her emotions, he said "I don't usually do this because I'm at work, but can I pray with you and share something that might help?" She isn't a very religious person but she said that would be fine, so he started teaching her bits and pieces about the Gospel. Well she immediately felt the spirit, which was something she's never felt before so she was kinda freaking out haha. She was expecting it to go away but as long as this young man (who it ends up was a member of the church from Utah out here doing summer sales) was teaching her she just felt it super strong. Before he left he gave her our number, but she got too busy and never called. A week layer though she was at her mom's house and the same young man knocked on the door and she felt the spirit again! So this time she knew she needed to get a hold of us haha. Well our entire first lesson with her she was just in tears of joy the entire time, she loved it! We came back later in the week to help her change all the locks on her house with a member from the ward and while the member and I changed  the locks Elder Collie taught her pretty much everything about the gospel haha, all the commandments and everything, she committed right there to stop drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee and to give up smoking and has been doing fantastic on it ever since haha. She came to church, cried all throughout sacrament meeting, and has decided that her and her kids want to get baptized on August 24th. So solid!!! We are coming back this week with the relief society president, who is now really good friends with them, and are going to teach her and the kids all together. The Lord is awesome! He really is preparing everyday to receive the gospel, all we have to do is open our mouths and share it! So that was a sweet experience for sure.
We also had a baptism this Saturday that was super spiritual as well. A young woman named Brittany Rowan who got baptized. If I can find someone else's camera cord to use I will send a picture from it haha. So needless to say I love this area! My companion is awesome, roommates are awesome, the ward is sweet, and the work is excellent! What a great place to finish my mission :) Well sorry this one ended up a bit long, just a cool experience I needed to share! I hope you all have a had a great week as well! The Gospel is true! I love and miss you all lots and I will talk to you next week!

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