Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Week in Quantico! 7/15 email

It has been an awesome week here! It always is as a missionary haha. But we had some sweet miracles come our way. The only bummer of the week (besides my golf score today) was that I got the call and I will be transferred on this upcoming Thursday, so bummed! I was hoping I'd be able to finish up my mission here haha. But it sounds like the Lord has other plans. I'll go wherever it is I'm needed though and I'm sure wherever it is I will still love it! This week though we found a total of 6 new people to teach! It was awesome! We found 2 from a referral from a member, 1 that was a former investigator, 1 that was a self-referral from, and 2 more that were friends of a less-active member. So sweet! The last two we found are from Sierra Leonne also so that is an additional plus haha. That means Elder Skinner and I get to bust out our Creole that the guy we taught named Brother Large back in Centreville taught us haha. They were loving it! They just laughed and laughed haha. Native African people have the happiest laughs ever too, it's like a half holler/laugh, super loud haha. You can tell that they have a very happy culture because they love to laugh and it makes you have to laugh with them haha.
The big highlight of the week was definitely the baptism that went through this Saturday for Thomas! It went awesome! Everything went totally according to plan and he got up and bore his testimony afterwards, it was very powerful. I took some pictures to put in the email today from it but we are emailing from the Library today and they don't have a place for the SD card to go so I can't send them this week. Next week I will though! It was really nice not having so many meetings this past week, it gave us lots of time to do regular missionary work, which rocked. This week will be a hectic one with transfers though. Almost every companionship in the zone is being transferred, and the majority of the companionships in our zone are bike Elders, so we have to find a way to fit all their stuff, a long with all of the missionaries with cars stuff, and all of the missionaries into the 8 vehicles our zone is assigned haha. We will probably be using the van as the zone u-haul, the wonderful blessings of stow-away seats and a luggage rack on the top haha. A few bungies and a tarp and we're set. I'll be taking pictures of that for sure! So all in all it has been a great week, we have had lots of great success and I am going to be sad to go, but it will be nice finally knowing where my last area will be. Missions go by too fast! It's hard to believe that I will be turning 21 already on Friday! Crazy!! Well I hope you all have had great weeks as well! I'll let you know where my new area is next week! I love and miss you all lots!

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