Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello from the Country!!

Well here I am in my new area! Chesterfield VA. Probably the last area I'll serve in haha. It is the polar opposite of every area I've served in so far though and it is awesome! i went from being on the northern border of our mission to the southern haha. It is very rural, so nice to be out of the city! It's huge compared to Quantico and man is it beautiful. I'll be taking lots of pictures this week. My ward here is called the Swift Creek Ward and I'm in the Swift Creek A area. There's two sets of missoinaries serving in our ward, an A and a B. B is on bike and we have a car. Another cool thing about the area is we have a house! It's not a members home or anything, just a house for the 4 of us, so sweet! I guess that's pretty common here in the Richmond mission, they say it saves us a ton of money as a mission. I'll also be taking lots of pictures of that haha. My new companion is Elder Collie from Eldorodo Hills CA. We get along great. He is been out 6 months and is the boldest missionary I've ever met haha. He invites literally everybody to be baptized as soon as he meets them and has no problem testifying when people don't agree with us, he is a great missionary. He played football for BYU for awhile before his mission and football runs in the family from what he tells me haha, so much that his brother plays for the Colts in the NFL. He's a really cool guy though and him and I are having a great time.
Our area is on fire with people to teach as well! we have quite a bit of people we are teaching at the moment 10 of which are currently have agreed to be baptized on various weekends in the next month or two. 4 of which we have committed to a date with since I got here Thursday haha. Definitely not from anything I did though, don't take that as me being arrogant or anything haha, it just shows how quick the work is progressing! The people are so much more humble here! It rocks! This will be an awesome place to serve for my last 3 months. Our roommates are awesome as well, we have Elder Francis (from salt Lake) and Elder Adams (from Lehi, he is brand new to the mission field).
My birthday went great too! Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, emails, and packages this past week! You made it a great birthday for me away from home. We didn't do a ton of celebrating because no one really had a heads up haha but Elder Collie somehow secretly got Elder Francis and Elder Adams to go buy me a card and Oreos and had the 3 of them sign it and surprised me by singing happy birthday all of a sudden while we were planning that night haha. It was an awesome surprise. So needless to say it has been an awesome week! Lots of change, but change is good.You can't grow without change haha.
We've had a great start to our P-day so far too, we woke up at 5:15 this morning and went fishing with one of our investigators on the river, it was sweet! We didn't catch a ton though haha I caught our only fish and it was like a 3 oz sun fish haha. Well I hope you all have had a great week as well! I will be sending a second email with a few pictures from my new area but I will have more next week! I love and miss you all!
Also my new address is:

Elder Cody Gronning
3803 Brevard Ct.
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

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