Monday, July 15, 2013

An Even Busier Week! 7/9 email

Well it looks like hings will finally slow down a bit this week but man was this past week a busy one haha. We made 2 trips down and back to Richmond this past week! Lot's of driving haha. By the 4th we looked at our miles used month-to-date and we were already at 560, in 4 total days for the month haha. Atleast we have our nice mini-van to drive around in haha. We drove down first on Tuesday for a full mission conference where we got to meet everyone in the new mission. That went really well, there a lots of nice people in our new mission, but still lots of separation haha. We went into the Gym afterwards for some snacks and a mission picture and both missions sort of grouped around the people they knew, so we got some people together from our zone and just started making our way into their circles haha very awkward but it went well. Wednesday we went back down to Richmond, a little farther this time, to a mission leader council where the mission president, each of the zone leaders, and the coordinating sisters get together to discuss rules and policies and stuff. Usually a not very exciting meeting haha. This one was full of changes though! It was so foreign haha. With it being the first one since the split and the first one that President Wilson has been to it was filled with all sorts of new policies and ways of doing things, a little overwhelming for sure haha. All the new things they do in the Richmond mission are definitely going to take some getting used to. My opinion though is that really we are the ones coming into their home so we don't have a ton of say with the way things go haha. We just have to be willing to conform to the way they do things and do our best at whatever we are asked to do differently and do it all with a smile on our face. Exciting stuff though! Our 4th was great, we went to a big ward get together at our Bishop's house. He lives in a really nice community in our area where they do a big fireworks show each year. What's even cooler is the place they shoot the fireworks off from is right behind his house so we had the best view for sure! The fireworks were going on right over our heads haha it was sweet! The most exciting thing we've had going this week though is we have a young man preparing for his baptism this upcoming Saturday at 7, his name is Thomas Linstrom, he's a great guy. He is 17 and the only non-member in his family so we are very excited for him. He wants to serve a mission as soon as he can! So next Monday I'll let you all know how that goes! Sorry for the late email today though! Yesterday we took 2 other companionships Golfing in the zone and it was everybody's first time Golfing except for mine haha. They all wanted to learn how to play so I told them I would teach them. We left first thing right after studies and went to hit a bucket of balls with everyone. We just played 9 holes in two groups of three, we started at 12 and expected to be done by 3 at the latest (it should usually take about an hour and a half to 2 hours for 9 holes, so we guessed an extra hours since it was everyone's first time).. we got done at like 5. It was such a long round of golf! So because of that we had 0 time left of P-day and had to move our emailing to today haha. It was crazy! I think it was really good for those guys to be able to unwind for a bit with all the recent changes haha. Well I've got to get going! We've got a pretty busy day lined up today as well, busy all the time! I love and miss all of you though! I hope you all have had great weeks as well! Talk to you next week!

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