Monday, July 1, 2013

First Week of Richmond Mission!

It has been one crazy week! We are exhausted haha. This week sounds like it will be just as exhausting as well haha. We had our mission conference this past week which was very bitter-sweet, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone but exciting to head somewhere new! I tried my best to make it more sweet than bitter anyways haha I figured if we're going to Richmond we might as well just be stoked about it! Being bummed out or sad won't change the fact that we are still going haha, so we've just been taking the new change head-on and so far it's been great! We will be making our first drive down to Richmond tomorrow for a full mission conference where we get to meet President Wilson, 90 miles each way, woo hoo! Haha it's going to be a looong drive. We'll see some cool new scenery though, we hear they have mountains there, such a score!!!! You don't realize how great mountains are until you don't have them. It feels like we're just in a big hole of trees here all the time because you can't see anything but trees on the horizon in any direction haha. So that'll be a lot of fun. Then the next day (Wednesday) we will be making another drive down to Richmond for our mission leadership council, which will be a big one. That will be the meeting where we debate with all the Richmond guys which missions way we should do everything haha. I imagine there will be some frstration from a lot of people about changes. New mission President and 2 different missions combined means lots of policy changes and missionaries hate change haha. Besides a few of us. I love change! So that'll be a solid 360 miles on our car in two days haha. They gave us a new 2013 dodge Grand Caravan to haul all our missionaries up and down to Richmond though and it is sweet! We call it the "Man Van" or the "Woodbridge Wagon" we love it. Our first P-day of Richmond has been aweosome as well. We wanted to get everybody's morale up with all the changes lately so we got permission to go and do a zone lazer tag activity at the local Lazer-Quest here. We rented out the place for 2 games and lunch with just our missionaries and it was sweet! Everybody had such a good time. It was a ton of fun. We got to pick our team names and everything so we had the Nephites vs. Lamanites vs. Jaredites and then had it assign teams randomly. I was a Nephite, and we got 2nd. It went Jaredites, Nephites, then Lamanites. Totally opposite of how it really turned out haha. We are such missionaries, it's cheezy but awesome. We also set a baptismal date with a young woman we've been teaching thisw past week for August 3rd! We are so stoked! So for right now we've got a baptism set for July 13th and August 3rd, we can't wait! Well we've got some lessons to run to tonight as well so I've got to keep my emailing a little short today. It was an awesome week though! I wish I could write more about it! I hope your weeks were the same! I love and miss you all and I'll talk to you next week!

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