Monday, December 5, 2011

Man What A Week!

Man it's been a crazy week for us here. We have everything but success it seems like haha. Ulises' dad had to sign for him to get baptised and he doesn't live with his dad or really talk to him much. So we went over to ask him to sign it and he said it would be totally fine but he would have to talk to Ulises about it first to make sure it was something he really wanted to do and he said he would go talk to him later that night... Well he did that 3 days in a row so finally Ulises just went over there to ask his dad about it and his dad completely flipped. He told Ulises that we're not allowed to meet with him anymore, he can't come with us to church anymore, and he said that Ulises will become a Catholic instead because that's what his family has always been (non-practicing Catholics though, they haven't been to church in years...). So that was kind of a bummer, and we had two other investigators drop us this week as well. It's just been a rough week for investigators I guess. But the work moves on haha. We will find more people to share the Gospel with. We ran into a couple people that want us to come by sometime this upcoming week though so hopefully we can find some people to teach that way haha. It hasn't been too bad weather-wise this week though, so that's a plus. I'm really not minding winter so far haha. This upcoming week is transfers already! I'm thinking I'll probably stay in this area but my trainer says that both people he's trained before me have either gotten transferred or he has gotten transferred after the first transfer of their training haha, so who knows. But just in case I'd send any mail or packages this upcoming week to the mission home address so that it doesn't get stuck here at this apartment, because the people who will be staying here if I get transferred will have no idea where to send the stuff to to get it back to me. Thanks to everyone for the emails this past week though. It was great to hear that Clay and Gracie did so awesome at their races this past week. That was really cool to see them in the newspaper haha. Oh man another plus side to this past week was we had a Cafe Rio open up in our area and we went there for lunch after our Tuesday district meetings and man it was awesome! I had never been there before but man it was dang good haha. And it was taco Tuesday so it was super cheap haha. I'm doing really good at this whole budgeting thing so far haha. I eat pretty cheap stuff for the most part. Ramen, peanut butter toast, and personal pizzas haha, my three usual foods haha. I've actually put on a little bit of weight according to the scale in our apartment though, I already don't fit into my brown pin stripe suit pants anymore haha. But I don't really look or feel bigger so I'm not really sure whats up haha. We did get permission to listen to a Christmas Radio station now though haha, It's so nice getting a brake from just listening to hymns and general conference talks in the car haha. But the Christmas station has a total of like 15 songs they play and most of them aren't even traditional Christmas songs haha, just Christian rock group/boy band things that aren't very good haha. Well hopefully I'll have some good new people we are teaching to tell you guys about next week haha.

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