Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transfer Week

Man it's been a crazy day here in McLean! I almost didn't get to email because our office was having some internet issues and it took the local library a bit to get me a library card so I could log in here so I don't have very much time this week unfortunately. But things have really picked up here as far as missionary work goes. I stayed here in McLean 2nd Ward but I got a new companion and he's really cool. His name is Elder Hanson and hes from West Jordan, so that's pretty cool haha. We get along really well, it seems like we have pretty similar personalities from what I can tell so far haha. So it should be a pretty sweet transfer. We've gotten some great work done already though. We just started teaching a lady in the ward's 19 year old daughter and she has accepted the invite to be baptised on January 21st so that's awesome. They are a really cool family. They are from Chile and used to live with and work for a super rich lady in our ward but she recently died of a heart attack (she was pretty old, like 90's) so they just moved into an apartment in the ward and we've been helping them move all their stuff over. We also have started teaching a guy named Calvin who used to be a local chef and loves to make us awesome food haha. We also found a guy named Keagan who lives in a huge mansion with his girlfriend. He's like 26 but he's super loaded somehow haha. He was telling us how much of a deal his house was because it only cost him $1 million dollars... The houses around it are all 17-20 million dollar homes. These people have so much money!!! I'll have to take a picture in front of some of the houses here so you guys can see how crazy rich these people are haha. We got to go watch a soccer game this past Saturday too so that was pretty cool haha. We met this family with the last name Campbell and they've been having the missionaries come over since 2005 and they really haven't been taught anything so far according to what they said and what the records the elders before us kept said. But they invited us out to their 13 year old sons soccer game and said they'd come to church with us if we went haha (we would have loved to have gone either way) and man those kids are crazy at soccer. There is a lot of foreign families who live in the area so most of the kids seemed like they must have been raised on soccer because man their footwork was insane haha. We got some great grocery shopping done today though, we had a lady in our ward give us a $100 gift card to Giant, which is the main grocery store chain here, so we got a ton of food. We should be set for the transfer haha. Man I'm already out of time though!!! I only had like 10 minutes tonight so I was typing pretty frantically haha so try to ignore any typos that might have gotten mixed in haha. Hopefully I'll have more time to write back next week so I can respond to some other emails too haha.

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