Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone back home! We're all a day late on our emails here because all of the libraries were closed yesterday haha. Man Christmas was great though, it was awesome getting to skype with my family yesterday. The connection was great for the most part, skype is such an awesome thing haha. Thank you to everyone that sent me packages or letters this past week though. I will be able to write everyone back soon to thank you all a little more personally but thank you guys all so much for that! This week has been kinda tough to set up much appointments with people though, like everybody has been out of town so we went and knocked on a lot of doors haha. Not a ton of luck there but we did have a really cool experience. We were driving through a neighborhood and I could have sworn that I knew where I was going but sure enough I made a couple of turns and got pretty dang lost back in the roads haha and so I just turned to Elder Hanson and was like "Uh so I have no idea where we're at right now, thought we were heading the right way but I guess not" and so he responded "Well one thing I've learned on my mission so far is that if you get lost, more often than not you're wherever you ended up lost at for a reason, so let's get out and knock some doors" and sure enough we stopped the car and started knocking on some peoples doors and the third one we knocked on was a Filipino family that used to take the missionary lessons back in the Philippines and they were super excited to see us and want us to come back after the holidays! So we'll be heading over to their house tomorrow night haha. I'll definitely always remember that when I'm lost that means that there's probably someone nearby who needs to talk to us haha. Christmas Eve was nice, we spent it at the Bishops house in our ward and they got us some sweet presents that included beanies from Rockefeller new york, where the big tree's at; some peanut brittle, and a box of those chocolate hazelnut ball things that have the gold foil on the outside, I'm not a big fan of them, haha but Elder Hanson likes them and it was still nice of them, to get them for us haha. Our Christmas dinner was The Receptions in our ward from the Philippines and man they cooked some really good roast beef and some pretty good quail eggs that I was a little nervous to try haha but they ended up not being too bad. We had planned on going to DC yesterday for P-Day but that kinda fell through so no luck there, but maybe next week haha. Well I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! It was awesome to hear from you guys!

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