Monday, April 30, 2012

4/23 email- Lots of Rain.

Well it's been quite a good week here in Sterling Park! We had lots of lessons fortunately so that was good. But man it has been very rainy! People keep telling us about the crazy thunderstorms they are supposed to have here in VA but I've yet to see one haha. They have been our forecast for all weekend though and so far I've yet to hear thunder haha just lots and lots of rain. So we've been pretty soaked. Which you would think would make people a little more likely to let us in when we knock on their door but so far it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference haha. We sure have been getting the most out of the bikes though. Elder Anderson absolutely hates riding the bikes but we do it anyways haha. It seems to really surprise all the ward members that we see that we are on bikes too. I guess from what we hear they haven't had Elders who get out on the bikes much in quite some time. I don't see why they wouldn't ride them though, from what I can tell they just seem to be lots faster than walking and for the most part lots less work too haha. EA (Elder Anderson) really disagrees with me on that one though haha. We are really having a rough time getting our investigators to progress though. We have lots of appointments with them and stay in contact with them regularly but it's like they just never want to keep up with any of the commitments we leave them. We keep trying our best though. Oh and I almost forgot, last night we had a pretty intense lesson with a couple of less active people in the ward that we have been doing our best help get back to church. All in all it went well in the end but man did it take some serious directing by the spirit haha. There's no way we could do anything we do out here without it haha. Something that started off the lesson on a different note though was the person we were there for telling us that there would be someone coming over in a few minutes to talk business and that we could just stay and watch. Well right as that was said the doorbell rang and before you knew it we were 15 minutes into a presentation on some pyramid scheme about getting us to sell some online product and start our own websites so this lady could make more money and she could guarantee us each "400 bucks a month, EVEN in the first month!." It was probably the most awesome deal I've ever heard. Fortunately enough once we told her that EA and I don't use the internet hardly ever she stopped trying to sell us on it and switched to the people we were visiting haha. It was such a scam. The lady was soooo shady too haha. Nothing beats getting offered the "deal of a lifetime" though. So overall it was a pretty good week here. No major break throughs by any means, but we're getting there! Hopefully we'll start to see it soon enough! I hope everyone had a great week wherever you all are though! I'll talk to you guys next week!

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