Sunday, April 22, 2012

Staying in Sterling Park with Elder Anderson!

Well transfers came and went and here we are! Elder Anderson and I will be here in Sterling Park for at least 6 more weeks! I thought for sure I was getting transferred haha. This is the first time I've
stayed with a companion more than 6 weeks and the first time I've been in an area for more than 3 months haha. We are both super pumped about being able to spend some more time here. We were the only companionship in the entire zone that stayed together though haha. So I'd say we got pretty  lucky haha. It has been quite a solid week here though. We are rolling out our new mission plan in our ward here for passing out 20 copies of The Book of Mormon each week. The thing that makes it a "ward mission plan" though instead of an Elder Gronning and Elder Anderson plan haha is that we are going to be having the families in the ward provide the Books and write their personal testimony of how The Book of Mormon has helped them out in their lives. So that when we pass these Books out it's not just some 19 year old kid passing them a book telling them it's changed their life, it's something more personal, with someone who lives in their neighborhood testifying both of it's truthfulness and divinity as well as how it has blessed their life. So it should be pretty sweet haha. On top of that we have been blessed with finally some progression of a couple of our investigators! Two teenagers we are teaching who are brother and sister had planned on coming to church with us this past Sunday, but instead when we stopped by the brother told us he wouldn't be able to make it, but his sister's friend was there and said she would like to go but wasn't sure what our church was all about (She thought we had multiple wives haha). So we were able to teach her all about the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was so excited when we gave her the Book too haha. Her immediate reaction was "Oh my gosh! Really? Are you sure?" haha I guess she, like a lot of people, probably thought that we charge people for copies of The Book of Mormon haha. So both of them showed up at church and they loved it! The friend of the girl we had been teaching met her soccer coach there who turns out is a member of our ward haha and they both found a few friends they knew from school there too! So it was a sweet experience all around. Also the girl, who we have been teaching for a few weeks now, expressed her interest in being baptised as a member! But she
said she wasn't quite ready to commit to anything yet, she felt like there was more she wanted to learn first, which we told her was totally fine and we would be there to help her learn all she wants to know beforehand. So overall it was a very exciting Sunday! We found out some awesome news from President Albright too this past week over text. We will be having Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles come and speak to our mission on may 5th! How cool is that? Haha so really in total it was a great week here! I hope everyone had a great week as well! I will talk to you guys next week!

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