Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last week of the Transfer! Happy Easter!

Well it's been a pretty solid week here. No crazy exciting stories really though haha. Just a pretty good week. We had a good couple of lessons with some investigators of ours and watched the first little bit of conference with them to get them Motivated to watch it so that was pretty sweet. 
We also got to give a lady a blessing for her to recover from a surgery she had just gone through. That was a great
experience, I love it when people let us give them blessings haha. It was one of Elder Andersons firsts so I had to walk him through how to do it a bit but he did great. The lady immediately afterwards said that it was really quite a sensational feeling she felt when we were blessing her. She said it felt very warm and comforting to her (which was sweet because she was very skeptical about us having the authority to perform the same blessings the apostles gave in the new testament haha). So we were able to tell her about how that feeling was the spirit and talk about that for awhile. Overall a really cool experience. 
Easter was great though! I hope everyone back home had a good Easter as well. It's always strange because holidays out here don't really feel like holidays haha they seem to just come and go like any other day. But we had a nice family from the ward invite us over for dinner and fortunately I had some good letters and packages from you all to read that made it feel like Easter as well haha. Oh one crazy experience though I had Easter evening at the departing missionary fireside was I ran into a guy I had went to high school and graduated with! What are the odds of that? His name is Zack Stone and we had both sort of known of each other and seen each other from time to time but we ran in different circles so we never really knew each other. He joined the church just a month ago though and is stationed out here at the Marine base. It was awesome to see a familiar face haha. We were at the departing missionary fireside which missionaries have to bring investigators or recent converts to to be able to go, and so one of the missionaries who covers Zack's area had just happened to bring him with. Such a cool experience haha. 
Like the subject says though we've got transfers this week :( I'm hoping I stay with Anderson at least one more transfer, he's a great guy. But I will probably get transferred clear off to somewhere new again haha. I've yet to stay with a companion more than a transfer or stay in an area for more than two transfers so if I stay this time around I'll be breaking all sorts of personal records haha. So I'll have to let you guys know how that goes. Well I hope all is well with everyone wherever you are! I'll talk to you all next week! 
Oh and here's a link to a video the church released for Easter about the last week of Christ's life, very cool but very sad. http://youtu.be/bAuaSpJ7zGs

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